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Curtain Considerations – How to Choose Curtains That Suit Your Decor

When it comes to putting designer touches on your home, everyone has a style they lean towards. Materials, colors and designs all speak to us is different ways and influence the homes we create. Curtains can be a hard feature to decide upon as they can impact the look and feel of your home to a big extent. Like any decor decision, there is a lot to weigh up. Before you adorn your windows with anything permanent, take these considerations into account.

Assess the style of your home

What ties in nicely with a classic home may look completely out of place in a home that identifies as minimalist. Look at your home objectively, and understand what your limitations are and what you should endeavor to highlight through custom made curtains. It is recommended that you do not go against the natural design of your home, but rather embrace the style that already exists. Magazines and Pinterest can be a good place to start, as you can find pictures that best represent your own living space and see how the chosen curtains have complimented.

Take into account your window size

How big or small are your windows? The size will impact your home decor, with smaller windows giving you the flexibility to choose a bolder style as they won’t overthrow the room. While larger windows might need to stay fairly neutral so they don’t cannibalize the space. Each window is crafted to a different scale, which is a logistical consideration to take into account. An expensive make of curtain might not suit a home with several windows, but rather something more affordable and reliable. Measure up your windows so that you can calculate the entire cost before you proceed with a style. You can even choose the more premium style curtains on your hero rooms, and spread the cost to the remaining rooms with a more standard offering.

Try adding iconic living room curtains to the living rooms because they are the most prominent and focal place in your home. There come many beautiful curtains that help you get an ideal and dreamy look which makes such curtains a worthy investment.

 Garage House / FALA - photo by Fernando Guerra

Property plan

What’s your general plan for the property you are hoping to dress with curtains? If your property is an investment or a property flip, or likely will be in the near future, this may impact your curtain decor choice and the investment that you feel like putting towards that decision.

If this property is your forever home, you may be more open to choosing a curtain that best incorporates your decor in a style you know that you will love for longer. Understand and articulate what your property plan is, and make the call of what sort of curtains are going to best meet your needs.

Choice of color

Colour will always impact decor, and it can work well or it can turn out disastrous. Choose curtains that will play with your decor style in a balanced way. Even if you want your curtain color style to be a statement, you can do so without them becoming the entire personality of the space and even your home. Keep in mind that fashions fade and trends change, so the bolder decisions might need some further thought. A good rule of thumb is to choose a neutral color as it allows the items in your room to take the stage and set a balanced collective.

 Apartment With Domestic Device / BDRbureau - photo by Beppe Giardino

Curtains are one of the first things we notice about a room, whether you know it or not. As they frame the natural light that flows through they become a hero to the space, and a feature that you should look to highlight. One style will not work for every home, and you may even find that different rooms in your home require a different style.