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Da Portare VIA Zwolle Restaurant by Studio Modijefsky

Da Portare VIA Zwolle

Maarten Willemstein

Da Portare VIA is known for baking delicious wood oven pizzas in Amsterdam, Utrecht and now, in Zwolle. The company began with one small store on the Leliegracht, in Amsterdam and has steadily grown to eight locations. As their popularity continues to rise, VIA, as they are now called, decided it was time to take their brand to the next level. Together with PUP creative agency, who were tasked with the rebranding, Studio Modijefsky was asked to design a unique interior to complement VIA’s new brand.

 Da Portare VIA Zwolle

Studio Modijefsky created a new spatial identity for VIA. At the core, is a strong design language that can be translated to every new location, creating a family for all the future Da Portare VIA restaurants. The design principles, consisting of a material library, key shapes and custom designed elements are adjustable to the special quality of each individual site.

 Da Portare VIA Zwolle

Combining an array of wall finishes, flooring materials, a series of light fixtures and a unique palette of fabrics and colors, the interior design quickly evolved. As a nod to VIA’s Italian component, various types of marble, mirror panels and walnut wood were utilized in the interior design.

Playful accents, derived from the shape of the logo (diamond or half triangle), are interspersed throughout the space and used to combine materials and integrate signage. The shapes are also highlighted on the benches, the floor and the bar.

 Da Portare VIA Zwolle

Using one of VIA’s founding missions – to connect people who share a love of quality – Studio Modijefsky created a range of bespoke connecting elements for the space; some connect from an aesthetic standpoint, while others facilitate a connection among the patrons. The aperitif table in the front bar area beckons people to gather around and enjoy conversation, while sipping on a perfectly mixed Negroni, accompanied by a dish of Italian olives.

Custom made benches, comfortable and exceptionally designed, are paired with specially designed “connection tables” – which effortlessly turn two table tops into a group table by clicking in an extra piece. Other unique connecting areas, like the chef’s table and the under-lit table bring even more character to VIA’s newest restaurant.

 Da Portare VIA Zwolle

The newest VIA, located in the historic city center of Zwolle, sits in one of the oldest buildings in town. Boasting a beautiful façade, an extremely high ceiling and perfect mood lighting, the spatial identity marries the interior of the historic building with classic materials but utilized in a fresh, hip and exciting way.

To emphasize the height of the ceilings, special large frames, angled forward, were created to decorate the walls. Some have been used to frame the pizza menu, bar menu and VIA logo and are an enhanced with the addition of indirect light and VIA’s bright yellow color.

 Da Portare VIA Zwolle

Lighting plays a leading role in the design of the interior. A colored steel structure hangs from the ceiling and wires connect it to steel strips on the wall, supplying light to the tables beneath it. Several wires with light bulbs drop down from the structure, forming different figures and filling the space with illuminating spheres.

Above the bar, a steel structure outlines the area and steel triangles, reflected in a mirror on the wall, create diamond shapes. Sitting under a crown of light, the bar is covered in subtle grey marble slabs, placed in an angle with faceted edges. An integrated vitrine in the corner displays a comprehensive selection of spirits and gives the bar a quintessential Italian touch.

 Da Portare VIA Zwolle

Throughout the interior, subtle winks to classic Italian décor make their presence known: from the black and white tiles covering the feet of the bar, the service point and aperitif table, the fence with light bulbs in it and the back-bar’s diamond shaped light box.

The newest member of the VIA family is set to open its doors in Summer 2017, in Utrecht.

 Da Portare VIA Zwolle Da Portare VIA Zwolle Da Portare VIA Zwolle Da Portare VIA Zwolle Da Portare VIA Zwolle

all images © Maarten Willemstein