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DAY café by Schemata Architects, Shizuoka

Kenta Hasegawa

Using team work, up-cycling and re-usable materials, Schemata architects have created the DAY café in Shizuoka, Japan. Schemata’s challenge was to get everybody involved in the making of this cafe. It is usually difficult to involve amateurs in the making process, as the quality would inevitably be lowered. On the other hand, it is not ideal to have experts achieve a perfect quality, because users might feel too intimidated to touch and change it.

With such thoughts in mind, Schemata designed a cafe that allows for everybody’s involvement in the making process, so that the cafe will be loved as their own place, and that the place will continue to change and grow while embracing all visitors.


The café held numerous open workshops: in recycled chairs Schemata Architects renewed old chairs thoroughly sanded to expose the inner surface; lamp shades were made with Jin Kuramoto; bookshelf units, composed of wooden boxes, with Shigeki Fujishiro. Fumikazu Ohara (soup design) designed the signage plan, while Yoshitaka Haba (BACH) was responsible for the book direction.

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all images © Kenta Hasegawa