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Decorate Your Room with DIY Models of Old School Games 

Are you an avid gamer? Or maybe you used to enjoy playing old school games back in the day? You can decorate your game room using beautiful game-themed pieces. If you don’t own a game room, consider doing the same to your bedroom. 

You can also transform the basement into your game room by giving it that rustic look with pieces that remind you of the good old days. These items could range from video games to billiards and board games. Here are some tips on how to decorate your room with DIY models of old school games.

Mount a Dart Board

A game of darts is always refreshing. It gets better when you compete with your family members or friends. You don’t need a lot of space to enjoy playing darts; you can place the board in a small area. It will serve as not only a gaming object but also a decoration for your room.

To protect your wall from stray darts, consider doing a DIY protective barrier. Build a darts cabinet using wine corks. The cabinet will add a dash of glamor and style to your room and keep your walls protected.

Use Pixel Art Decorations

Using the 8-bit artworks of the 80s and 90s popular games to decorate your room will give you a nostalgic feeling. You can get an artist to create for you such graphics and paintings as per your pixelated style. Such decorations come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from throw pillows to wall hangings.

Get pixel art models of your favorite game characters for a beautiful DIY decoration. Your room will look livelier, and everyone who visits your home will love and compliment your décor. You will also love coming home to such beautiful decorations that give you great memories.

Turn Your Basement Into a Casino

You don’t need to turn your basement into a real casino to achieve the feel of being in one. Get a craps or poker table and set it up in your basement for the perfect adults’ game room. Complete the look by printing your favorite casino game’s characters in giant banners.

Do you fancy the Mega Moolah slot? If so, consider hanging wall decorations of the African savannah theme from the game. If you are great with art, you can also paint a mural to create a gaming atmosphere in the room.

Also, add some giant poker cards wall hangings. You could also have them come in rugs, curtains, or throw pillows. The whole basement will look and feel like a casino. 

A great way to get inspired when decorating a room with casino themed décor is to check out some online casino games such as online roulette and online blackjack and use the themes of the games or the style of the tables and craft or print according to your liking. A great source that provides information about reputable and trusted online casinos is nzonlinecasinos.kiwi, it would be a great place to start.

 Decorate Your Room with DIY Models of Old School Games 

Bring Scrabble to Your Home

Most people love Scrabble, and you would enjoy having and playing it at home. Get a giant, wall-mounted scrabble board and hang it in your game room. It will bring fun to everyone in the family during game nights and gatherings.

You could also mount another one in the kids’ room. That way, you can invite your friends over for friendly competition as kids enjoy competing in their room.

Introduce Snakes and Ladders Games to Your Walls and Floors

Do you love playing Snakes and Ladders? Bring the ancient Indian game into your home in a big way. You can choose to have it printed in a big format as a wall hanging and set it up in your game room or anywhere in your home. Adults can enjoy playing the game from the wall decoration from time to time.

Alternatively, get Snakes and Ladders-themed rug for your kids’ room. They will enjoy playing the game, and when not, it will keep their tiny legs warm and snug. The carpet will act as a 2-in-1 item in your kids’ room.


You can do so much to bring the memories of playing old school games into your home. It also doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Get decorating today!