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Decorating around a new Rattan Garden Sofa Sets  

Decorating around a new Rattan Garden Sofa Sets  

Warm and sunny weather always provides the opportunity to just sit out in the garden and enjoy the sun’s warmth. You can either relax alone or with family and friends as you cook and eat outdoors. But, for you to have a splendid time outdoors, you need to spruce up your outdoor space. If you happen to have outdoor furniture like a rattan garden sofa or plan on getting a new one, it needs to correspond to your lifestyle and be well decorated. 

Rattan is made out of natural fiber from a climbing vine-like palm plant and weaved into furniture, baskets, and other home accents. Being durable and flexible the material can be woven into different shapes and patterns. Being a water-resistant material, it’s mostly used on patio furniture and outdoor rooms. It blends well with all sorts of styles and is therefore used for decor. You can find a wide collection of rattans at Lakeland furniture, but first, here are some ideas for decorating around a new Rattan Garden Sofa Sets to enable you to make the best pick.

Incorporate different styles

Rattan sofa sets can be paired with different styles from shabby-chic to boho-styles. The warm and casual feel makes them an ideal option for modern interiors as well as traditional looks. For an aesthetic look, pair it with prints, floral, botanical prints, and other natural materials, like wood. It can also be paired with sleek mid-century furniture and metallic accents.

Rattan has an outer bark that is mostly used for cane furniture. It can be weaved into a multidirectional open-weave pattern and used on chair backs giving the furniture a light, airy appearance. To enhance your preferred style, use a caned rattan on your headboards, accent chairs, and storage pieces.

 Decorating around a new Rattan Garden Sofa Sets   

Place some storage rattan baskets

Rattan baskets can be used as storage space that you can use to store items like clothes, drink bottles, books and other items. Since they come in all shapes and sizes ranging from small to larger woven baskets, you can get the smaller baskets and set them beside your rattan garden sofa sets. Use the small baskets for storing wine bottles, books that you can read when sitting in your outdoor space, or for keeping extra throw blankets and shawls for covering yourself when sitting outdoors.

Include rattan light fixtures

Replace some of your light fixtures with rattan versions. This will enhance the overall look and lighting in your space for an eye-catching focal point. Large rattan pendants and a rattan fixture with an open weave pattern are capable of spreading light around the entire garden allowing you to enjoy night time outdoors. This will give not only your space some glow in the dark but also brighten up your new rattan sofa sets.

Paint the rattan

Rattan can be stained or painted with any shade. You can add a fresh coat of paint to give your rattan garden sofa sets a new look and a modernized look. Use either a paintbrush or spray-paint using a bold color. 

Let’s wrap up on how to decorate your new rattan sofa sets. Rattans have a way of adding beauty and elegance to any space, especially when used and decorated the right way. Whether you want to add a rattan in your kids’ rooms, bedroom, living room, dining room or in your outside garden, decorating them isn’t a difficult task. You simply need to know what to incorporate to make your space cozy and cool for a wonderful time outdoors.