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Design Trends That Help Sell A House Faster And For More Money

If you’re planning to sell your home in the near future, you should know and follow certain design trends. How your home looks can affect its value, as well as its appeal in the eyes of potential homebuyers. You’ll have a hard time selling a house if it looks similar to every other house in your neighborhood, and if it doesn’t have anything unique or different about it. 

Read on to discover some of the top interior design trends that will surely help you sell a house fast, and enable you to get the best price from your sale.

1. Incorporate Glass

One new trend that’s becoming more popular is incorporating glass into your home. Many people are choosing to use glass to create unique pieces of art and use these as decorations. The best way to incorporate glass into your home is to use clear, frosted, or tinted glass as these can make your home stand out among the rest of your neighbors.

Aside from using glass, you can also incorporate the same material to your doors and windows. If you have enough budget for it, you can even have a glass skylight installed before you sell your home.

Using glass all around your home will make your property look more sophisticated, allowing you to easily attract interested buyers, such as cash house buyers.

Design Trends That Help Sell A House Faster And For More Money

2. Use Neutral Colors

Choosing colors to use for your home can be challenging because these can affect its ambiance and the decision of homebuyers. Painting your home in bold colors might not please homebuyers who are looking for pastel-colored properties, and vice versa.

As a fool-proof solution, paint your home in neutral colors before putting it out for sale. Shades of tan and beige are great options as these can make your space look bigger and feel more open. Seeing neutral shades indoors will also make it very easy for homebuyers to envision themselves living in the house.

You can also take it up a notch by making sure that the pieces of furniture inside your home also come in neutral colors. Following a monochromatic color scheme can make your home more relaxing as all of the design elements are tied together.

3. Adapt Contemporary Style

One of the most popular interior design trends that’s changing the local real estate market is what’s known as the contemporary style. This interior design focuses more on showcasing the space rather than the things placed in that space. A contemporary style home will also require you to pay more attention to the color, space, and shape of your home.

There are many ways you can easily adopt contemporary style, and you can start by implementing the following in your home:

    • Use of cool shades: Avoid using too many colors in your home as this can only make the space look and feel cluttered. Instead, you should use ones that highlight whites, creams, and beiges.
    • Uncluttered surfaces: You can only highlight the space of your home and achieve a contemporary design if it’s free from any type of clutter, so make sure that your home stays clean all the time. 
    • Invest in metallic lighting: You can tie together your home’s contemporary style by using metallic lighting. Aside from being functional, this can become the focal point of any room in your house.

 Design Trends That Help Sell A House Faster And For More Money

4. Real Plants Indoors

It’s common for properties to have a garden outdoors, but do you know that bringing some plants inside can help you sell a house fast?  Plants can add a pop of color to any home, while filtering pollutants indoors. This can result in a fresher and cleaner ambiance.

If you’re going to follow this design trend before selling your home, make sure to pick plants that are easy to maintain. You’ll usually have a lot on your plate when you decide to sell a house, and choosing plants that will require daily watering can cause stress on your part. You should also pay attention as to where these plants are placed because putting a lot in one room of the house will only create clutter.

Selling a house is never an easy task because you’ll have to consider what homebuyers want and what other home sellers are doing. Your to-do list can get very long, especially if this is your first time to sell a house in the local real estate market. 

Fortunately, things can get easier when you know which design trends to follow. An aesthetically pleasing and functional house will surely attract many homebuyers, and can become your edge among your competitors. 

Image courtesy of Brian W. Ferry