London-based industrial design agency Morrama has created the Angle Razor, an aluminum straight razor aimed to reduce waste plastic produced by disposable counterparts.

“We wanted to create an experience that embraced the ritual of shaving and a product that’s beautifully designed and made to last. So we made Angle,” explains the design team. “We designed Angle Razor to bring traditional straight razors into the 21st Century and to sit alongside the incredible safety razors that are being created today.”

 Angle Razor by Morrama

As used in barbershops across the world, the disposable blade straight razor is the choice of professionals. The Angle Razor allows you to recreate the barbering ritual at home. Whether you want a completely smooth shave or need to just tidy up the edges, the Angle Razor is great for trimming hair, shaping hair and wet shaving.

In addition, the studio notes that using a single blade has been proven to reduce skin irritation and ingrown hairs while multiple blades can cause damage to the upper surface of the skin.

 Angle Razor by Morrama

Shaving with a straight razor is about control and Angle Razor has been designed to give you the perfect amount of control and movement. The handle has been carefully weighted to create a balanced pivot point at the thumb and forefinger for control on the longer strokes and the form of the paddles bring you as close to holding the razor blade as possible for precision in the tricky areas or when straightening up those lines.

 Angle Razor by Morrama

The replaceable blades cost less than 10 pence (about $0,14 USD), which – according to the designers – makes Angle significantly cheaper to use than a traditional straight razor, which requires the use of sharpening tools.

Morrama has calculated that someone shaving 3 times-per-week using cartridge razor blades at $4.20 USD each would spend $110 USD per year or $6.600 USD a lifetime. In contrast, the disposable blades, which cost $0,14 USD each and can be used twice, would cost $11.00 USD per year or $650 USD a lifetime for the same amount of shaves.

Angle Razor by Morrama is available now on Kickstarter for $76 USD.