Italian design firm Studio NINE has conceived a LEGO-compatible furniture series called Stüda that’s covered in studs compatible with the famed bricks. The modules, unveiled at this year’s Milan Design Week, are made with a solid surface material called Corian and come in three different dimensions and many colors.

Stüda (the name is a mash-up of the STUD – generating unit of LEGO . Ironically “Translated” in Swedish) was born to offer to the AFOL (Adult Fan Of LEGO)  and their children, a modular system of furnishings textured with studs in full-scale, not as a result of hacking, plug-in and DIY.

 Stüda: Studio NINE Unveils LEGO-compatible Furniture

The project comes out from the success of recent Lego exhibitions and events as The Art of Brick or Play it Again, the construction of the “LEGO house” museum by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) in Billun, Denmark; and the proliferation of specialized adult and highly innovative and contemporary magazines for AFOL such as Bricks and Bricks Culture.

 Stüda: Studio NINE Unveils LEGO-compatible Furniture

Designer Paolo Emilio Bellisario points out that the system also lets you leave messages or attach objects like vases, photo frames, bowls, a custom made phone charging station. Parents can let their children helping them to decorate the house, and young couple can invite their friends to socially customize their furniture. The less creative can use apps like “LEGO Photo” to customize their Stüda with paintings or photos made by bricks.

The three dimensions of the modules and the different colors allow users to create endless combinations both freestanding and wall hanged.

 Stüda: Studio NINE Unveils LEGO-compatible Furniture