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Do You Really Need to Replace Your Roof?  

Fragment of a black roof of a private house made of shingles

If judging the roofing contractor’s industry by revenue then its value in 2022 was $56.7 billion just in the US. There are 129,890 roofers employed in the states according to the country’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. The services offered by roofing businesses range from simple repairs to replacement roofs, to new installations.

Roofs get damaged by high winds and storms, and over time can suffer structural damage from mold which can cause rotting. If this happens it can be necessary to call in professional roofers to address the problems. But, what if they suggest you need a whole replacement roof? How do you know if your roof requires repairs or actually needs to be completely replaced, and how do you select a firm to carry out the work? 

How can you tell if your roof needs replacing?

Roofs today are built to last a long time. Depending on what material and type of roof you choose, your roof could even outlast you. But, if your roof is more than 20 years old now then it may need looking at.

Consulting Magnum Roofing & Construction produced a list of signs to look for when checking your roof. Some of these may point to you needing a replacement roof.

  • Sagging roof
  • The age of the roof
  • Leaking
  • Structural rot
  • Mold, mildew, and moss
  • Damaged flashing
  • Bald and cracked shingles

Your roof might just look tired and old, and one sign you need a replacement is when your neighbors start to do the same. Very often, houses in an area will be built at the same time, meaning the roofs will all be of the same age. A sagging roof and rot can be sure signs that a roof replacement is in order.

If you are unsure then call a reputable roofing company for a consultation and inspection.

What type of roofing should you choose for your replacement?

Your chosen roof design can enhance your home, but there are quite a few other aspects you should consider when choosing a replacement roof.

Eco-friendly roofing

One consideration is the material you use. Asphalt shingles are inexpensive, but the manufacturing process involved is bad for the environment. Similarly, PVC is very long-lasting but also non-biodegradable.


The replacement roof you choose could help you to lower energy bills if you choose correctly. Concrete, slate, clay, and metal, are all energy-efficient, and metal in particular can last a long time.

The life expectancy of the roof

Replacing a roof isn’t cheap, and some materials cost way more than others. The average cost of a roof replacement is about $8,000. Therefore, the lifespan of a new roof is a serious consideration when investing in a new one and choosing between a green or more traditional roof.

Metal roofs can last 50 years or more making them a good return on your investment. However, they may cost more to buy and install than some other materials so you’ll need to create a budget. 

Fragment of a red roof of a private house made of shingles

What criteria should you use when choosing a roofing company?

A replacement roof can add value to your home and can represent an ROI of over 60%. Obviously, you need a reputable and experienced roofing company to handle this type of work. As such, there are certain factors to take into account.

Local and available

Using a local company will make it easier to check their reputation. But, while you want a roofer that is respected, you will want them to be available sooner rather than later. 

Hidden costs

Make sure your quotation is complete and transparent. You will no doubt have a budget you wish to stick to and want to avoid any nasty surprises.


Look for reviews online, and ideally ask for references or testimonials. If your neighbor has had a roof replacement, ask them who provided the service.


Your roofing company should be insured, indeed this is essential. Check their website, and ask if necessary.


How experienced are the roofers at replacement roofs? Which also links in with how long the company has been in existence. 

Trading life

Look for an established roofing company if you can. On occasion, companies close down due to legal issues or other problems only to rise again under a different trading name.


This isn’t necessary, but many roofing companies will have some form of accreditation such as from the National Roofing Contractors Association.


Again, this isn’t always necessary but in some states it is mandatory. For instance, in Michigan, roofing contractors must have a state license from the Dept. of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

If your state doesn’t have mandatory licensing, it may still have a voluntary option. Finding a roofing contractor who chooses to voluntarily obtain a license could be a good sign.


Establishing that you need a new roof is the first step. A reputable roofer will be able to tell you whether repairs can be carried out or if it is time for a new roof.

A sagging roof is clearly not a good sign, so sometimes you won’t need much of a second opinion. But, once you are sure you need a replacement roof then it is time to track down a professional company to carry out the work.