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Dolfi Ultrasonic Portable Washing Machine


Product designer Andre Fangueiro of Studio Lata has developed a compact hi-tech device that cleans clothing with the power of ultrasonic technology. The precisely modulated ultrasonic waves tackle dirt and bacteria right down to the microscopic level, leaving your clothes fresh, clean, and most of all, undamaged.

Dolfi is the world’s smallest and gentlest washing device. Fitting perfectly and comfortably in the palm of your hand, this powerful little washing machine is the ultimate gadget to stay clean and fresh at home or on the go.


Lena Solis, the founder of Dolfi says: “The idea of Dolfi came after a few terrible experiences with laundry during my extensive travel. Inspired by amazing benefits of ultrasound, successfully utilized for years in many industrial and medical applications, we’re excited to bring the advantages of ultrasonic precise cleaning to everyday personal use. I believe that ultrasonic technology will change the way we wash.”

Dolfi’s innovative technology has been developed by MPI Ultrasonics – a Swiss engineering lab with over 25 years of experience in ultrasonics.


This revolutionary method is able to clean clothing from the inside out without ever damaging or discoloring the fabric. So you can keep your delicates, lace, or cashmere – Dolfi will take care of it. This is a pleasant alternative to laborious hand washing – with Dolfi you’ll never have to do it again!

“We want people to have more fun on their travels rather than stress about costly laundry service, or spend time searching for coin laundries, or even waste luggage space packing extra clean clothing” explains Andre Fangueiro, Dolfi’s product designer. “With Dolfi, travel will become easier, happier and a lot more fun!”


Dolfi isn’t just a pretty package – this compact but powerful device consumes about 80 times less energy than a conventional washing machine, helping you make a huge positive impact for the planet and, of course, for your wallet. Dolfi’s name is a tribute to dolphins, the most advanced users of ultrasound and one of the most intelligent animals on our planet.

Dolfi will be available on IndieGoGo for the early supporter price of just $89 USD.