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Easy Ways to Give Your Bathroom a More Elevated Look

Bathroom with floor plan and large framed black and white photograph

Decorating your home is the time in your life when you can bring all the ideas that you have in your mind to life. Sometimes when you spend a lot of time in one place you start to get bored of it and want to give it a fresh look. You can create an elevated and soft space in any corner of your house just by adding a few small details. 

Searching for the right things is not a hard task as all you need to do is open your mobile phone up or start surfing on the internet for ideas. I’m sure you will find something worthy of your liking by the end of the day. A house can go through multiple redecoration processes but it is the smallest spaces in your house and the places that you think are not necessary that need your attention. 

If you’re bored of your bathroom having the same old look every time you step in, then look no further. Here are some simple ideas on how to switch up that boring old bathroom so that it’s not as much of an eyesore when you’re winding down from your long days. Picture this, you come home from a long day at work or head over to the bathroom after a long day at home and voila, it’s a beautiful warm space that you’ve cultivated for yourself to help you feel better as you get ready for sleep. 

It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg either, here are some easy yet understated and rather inexpensive as well as some pricier ways to switch up your bathroom.

 Travertine minimal bathroom

Changing your Rugs and Shower Curtains

Although some people may not think much of such a small change, it does make a difference. Shower Curtains can add a fun and trendy look to your bathroom or if you would like, you can go for something more elegant and classy like peach-toned or minimal design curtains. This separation of the shower and bath area from the rest of the bathroom can be a big part of what you see when you step, might as well put some effort into making it something you like to look at. You can switch out your rugs to add a fun pop of color to brighten up your mood. If you’re feeling jazzy, you can even consider buying a new set of towels.

Consider investing in Heated Towel Racks

Now, some people may immediately think of this as an unnecessary expense; however, you’ll find that you may change your mind since they come at a range of prices. Heated Towel Racks are exactly as the name suggests, and not only will they keep your towels warm but they can also add a refined aesthetic appearance to the room. Along with that, they’re great for both keeping your clothes dry as well as drying them. There are many types of heated towel racks to install in your bathrooms so keep an eye out for the best.

These can be either electric or hydronic; the latter being the more cost-effective option. If you happen to be searching for a towel rack that won’t require much space, you should opt for a wall-mounted towel rack. As suggested by the name, these are attached to the wall and you can install them in bathrooms of any shape and size. Free-standing racks of the sort are incredibly convenient and can be set up in any part of any room and do not take up much space, it is at your leisure to decide how and where to utilize these. Lastly, Swivel Heat Racks are usually wall-mounted and plug-in, they are the most cost-effective option and they save space too.

Decorate, decorate, decorate! Make use of mirrors, plants, and art

Introducing some greenery can bring life to the space. Whether these are fake or real, they can add an elegant and luxurious feel. In terms of art, little framed pieces here and there or even bigger ones if you have more space can add a classy or home-y touch to your bathroom depending on the type of pieces you’re into. Lastly, but not insignificantly, should you have the budget, invest in a modern and fun mirror. There’s so much you can do there with the shapes and frames, mirrors play a big role in the energy your bathroom will possess so choose wisely.