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Effective Ways of Fixing a Leaking Shower Head

Effective Ways of Fixing a Leaking Shower Head

Detecting a showerhead can be a daunting task. The reason being, since it is in a wet area, noticing the clog can take some time. The number one biggest water wastage is a continually running toilet; the second one is a dripping showerhead or faucet.

Fixing a leaking showerhead should be one of the ways to save on water and the environment. When fixing the showerhead, it is advisable to know that fixing the problem is not just fixing the showerhead. It is imperative to repair more than one component that makes up the shower system. 

Another essential thing to know is the reason for the leaking. The water flow to the showerhead is from the faucets from the walls below the showerhead. The water pressure comes from the tub faucet to the showerhead using the diverter valve. When you notice a leakage, it is because of an issue on the showerhead or other shower features. 

Does the showerhead leak when you turn off the shower faucet? It could be an issue with the shower head and faucet set. There could be an issue if your showerhead drips when the faucet is shut off and then stops completely. It could be an issue with the showerhead only. In the case of an older house, you might not have a separate bathroom tub or shower water; you will need to shut off the entire water system. That is the reason you need Fixed Today Plumbing Sydney to handle all your plumbing problems. 

 Effective Ways of Fixing a Leaking Shower Head

Some of the effective ways to fix a leaking shower head:

  • Unclog the showerhead: The clogging happens from the accumulation of mineral and lime deposits. The best way to detect the problem is when the showerhead drips even after turning off the water and then stops. It could be an issue with the head holding water and not being able to drain quickly. If that is the case, you could be experiencing a weak flow from the showerhead. 
  • Replace worn washers: Worn washers can cause showerhead leakages. In case the showerhead is old, look for a washer replacement at the back when the head is soaking. The washer or O-ring will be old after years. The plumber will need to replace the rubber washer by disassembling the faucet handle. 
  • Replace the diverter valve: The diverter valve is the knob or lever used to switch the direction of water from the showerhead or faucet. Remove the faucet handle. Unscrew the valve assembly and then remove the diverter valve. The next step is to inspect the problem and do the replacement. 
  • Replace the cartridge valve: It is positioned on the water faucets, initiating the water flow from cold to hot. Remove the faucet handle to expose the cartridge stern. Make sure you replace it with an identical cartridge. 

Most of the time, cleaning a showerhead and washer replacement can act as a solution for a leaking showerhead. It is not costly maintenance; it is advisable to have annual maintenance to notice the small issues. When you spot the minor problems on time, it will help in saving money and have excellent plumbing.