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Everyday Use for Trending Technologies

Everyday Use for Trending Technologies

Amazing technological advancements are not only reshaping different industries but also our daily lives. All of these trending technologies are constantly changing and evolving and what was modern just a few years back may be outdated today. 

Just as the internet continues to make our lives easier, trending technologies do the same. Some of these include artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things or IoT, intelligent apps, and much more. Today, we take a look at different trending technologies that make our lives safer, easier, and better and are continuing to develop on a daily basis.

  •         Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  •         Cognitive Computing Technology
  •         Intelligent Apps
  •         DevOps and IoT

Virtual and Augmented Reality in Everyday Life

Augmented reality (AR) technologies add awesome visual and audio digital elements. In other words, these technologies let you add and enjoy digital elements to real life. Virtual reality (VR) is another technology of the future that lets you enjoy computer-simulated environments. While it sounds like magic, these technologies are here and evolving. Those who play video games are well aware of how virtual and augmented reality technologies make gaming experiences more immersive.

The same technologies are used in different industries including the ever growing iGaming industry. Many of the very best online casino venues out there employ these technologies to offer a more immersive gaming experience when playing life dealer casino games. In addition to being used in interactive gaming and iGaming, VR and AR technologies are also used by popular instant messaging apps, sports broadcasting, online shopping, and medicine.

Cognitive Computing Technology

Cognitive computing technology also falls into the category of the most innovative emerging technologies that are heavily impacting our daily lives. Cognitive computing technology refers to the use of digital, computerized models that are capable of simulating the thought processes in various situations. Cognitive computer technology relies on natural language processing and speech recognition. Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, and all other similar AI services rely on cognitive computing technologies and artificial intelligence in their operation.

 Everyday Use for Trending Technologies

Intelligent Apps

As mobile devices continue to be more present in our daily lives, intelligent apps that rely on AI make our lives easier and better in many ways. Essentially, intelligent apps also known as I-Apps are artificial intelligence-enabled apps that are carefully rendered to provide an adaptive, rich, and user-friendly experience.

In addition to relying on AI technologies, these apps also use the power of prescriptive and predictive analytics and data analytics, with various development tools. They rely on our preferences and requirements to offer us the best user experience and this is why we love them. Some of the most used intelligent apps are FaceApp, Elsa Speak, Cortana, SwiftKey Keyboard, Hound, IRIS, and Robin The Voice Assistant.

DevOps and IoT

DevOps and the Internet of Things or IoT also fall into the category of trending technologies that are looking to change our daily lives. DevOps represent the combination of tools, practices, philosophies, and methodologies that boost companies’ abilities to deliver services and applications quicker. Essentially, DevOps is improving the entire production and service lifecycle starting from design to software development.

Needless to say, DevOps and its practices are heavily impacting all modern apps and software that we use on a daily basis. DevOps is also used in the financial trading industry as well as car manufacturing, airline industries. Then, there is the Internet of Things that is a system of internet-connected, interrelated objects that collect and transfer data without any human intervention. Some IoT examples include fitness trackers, voice assistants, smart appliances, smart cars, and many different healthcare devices.