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Expert Guide to Enhancing Your Rental Space

Expert Guide to Enhancing Your Rental Space

Life since the pandemic has definitely changed. We are more aware of our fragility as people and we also hopefully value and appreciate our loved ones. This level of gratitude has extended towards our living spaces as well. While so many people used to think of their apartment as a place to eat, sleep, and leave, more and more people are investing time and energy into creating a home, not just a house. In this article, I will be talking about some of the most important ways you can enhance your dwelling to make it feel more spacious, more personalized, and more you. 

Let’s jump in!

1. Customized Furniture

We all want to bring pieces in our home that feel like us. Unfortunately, customized furniture usually comes at a hefty price tag or we settle for cookie-cutter pieces that leave us feeling like we’re permanently living in a dorm room and not a home. Luckily, companies like CladHome, have heard our cry for help and have created a beautiful line of customized furniture. You can find these pieces when searching for a furniture sale in Los Angeles or directly from their website.

When looking for furniture for sale in Los Angeles, pay close attention to pieces that offer multiple options so you can create a truly customized look. Don’t be afraid of mixing trends and styles to reflect your own personal taste. With CladHome, you get to choose everything from size, fabric, fill, leg style, and finish. For example, you can pick a classic leather Brett chair and add Mid-Century Modern leg style. Also, on-trend right now are unique textiles and natural materials – choosing your wood for your coffee table and pairing it with an exotic African textile will make your space look truly curated. 

 Expert Guide to Enhancing Your Rental Space

2. Change Your Flooring 

If you have a rental you may feel frustrated by the flooring in your house. Apartment floors can range from boring to downright hideous and dated but do not despair. Thanks to contact paper flooring that acts like a laminate adhesive you can change your place dramatically. Some of my favorite picks include:

  1. Vinyl Flooring in black and white geometric shapes for the bathroom 
  2. Marble flooring also looks chic and expensive in a bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom 
  3. Wood flooring is always a great choice to bring in light and nature 
  4. PVC tiles in a Moroccan design can make an incredible impact in a living room 

Changing the floor can instantly make a place look bigger and more tailored to your taste and style. 

 Expert Guide to Enhancing Your Rental Space

3. Bring the Outside – In 

You don’t have to have a green thumb to spruce up your place with beautiful green plants. Not only do they give a space an outside-in feeling but they can induce calm and clear air as well. What’s nice is you can go to one spot pick up a few different plants and voila! A few that I would recommend are:

  • Succulents – these cute plants need very little so if you forget to water them or put them in the sun don’t worry they will thrive 
  • Ferns – these plants add so much texture and flair to space and can thrive nearly anywhere
  • Fiddle Leaf Fig – This big-leafed beauty is known for its resilience and lush foliage