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Figment Brings Virtual and Augmented Reality on Your iPhone


Figment introduces the world’s first virtual and augmented reality phone case. Its slim and sleek design makes the device pocketable, portable and more accessible than any existing VR product available.

The phone case itself is made to fit snugly onto mobile devices and additionally provides phone protection. Simply slide the triggers on the case to open the VR viewer, open a VR-friendly app to choose an experience to view, and look into the lens for the VR or AR experience to begin. The phone case serves as a lens to explore VR content through apps like Google Cardboard, Jaunt VR, Vrse and more.


“Until now, the VR and AR markets have been unattainable for most people,” said Zi Wang, Founder of Figment VR, “We’re thrilled to offer an easy-to-use product that completely changes the way we access virtual reality and share the experience with others.  People can now take VR with them everywhere they go.”


Figment VR comes at a time of increased virtual reality and immersive content creation from several industries including games, entertainment, marketing, journalism and film. These industries are seeking easier and better ways for consumers to access their content. Figment VR brings an on-the-go VR viewing platform with exceptional quality to these consumers.


In addition Figment VR has plans to launch an app that is integrated with augmented reality software. The AR software will be able to detect physical objects in real time, get more info about them and control them with digital representations. The app has a wide array of functionality that allows users to play games, listen to music and much more. Additional details about the app will be released when Figment VR is shipped to backers.


Figment VR is compatible with iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Figment VR will be available in white and black.

A retail price of approximately $79 USD has been set but will be available for an early bird purchase price of approximately $49 USD on Kickstarter. Backers will receive the phone case in early Spring 2016.


all images and video courtesy of Figment