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Finding a Sofa to Complement Existing Décor: 4 Tips ​​​

White sofa

There’s nothing like a home makeover; a big part of that is the sofa. It’s often the most significant piece of furniture in your living room, so it goes a long way to setting the tone. Check out our tips for finding the perfect sofa for your home.

Neutral or bold?

When buying a sofa for a room that is already decorated, you will have to look at your room’s color scheme and style. For example, if you’re going for something calm, with a lot of neutrals and maybe plants, like cottagecore or bohemian, you might want a sofa that blends in with calm colors, or you might want to go bold with a dark leather sofa.

If you’re looking at something more colorful, you might want to make it the focus of the room. A sofa with a serious pop of color or pattern can make a great statement piece, and the flip side of that is that you can overpower a room with any matching or contrasting walls around it.

Leather or fabric

There are two options for your sofa’s material: leather or fabric. This choice also goes into what you do with color. Leather tends to be a neutral choice, as it only comes in brown, white, or black variations, though the bold shades can be a statement if you want it to stand out in a high-contrast white room. There are the occasional red or navy-blue options in the best furniture stores, but if you want to go wild with color, you’ll have to go fabric.

 Modern Grey Sofa

Squishy or industrial?

This isn’t to say that industrial-style sofas can’t be squishy, but when you think of industrial-style furniture, you’re undoubtedly thinking of solid and practical surfaces. When that comes to sofas, we’re not expecting you to sit on a set of metal bars while watching the soaps, but, instead, there are exposed arms and/or legs, and sometimes even backing. The stuffing is kept to the vital areas, and the structure keeps your posture in check.

But we’ve not painted the comfiest picture there. If you want all the stuffing a sofa can handle, go for it. Even if you have an industrial style in your home, you might be shaking things up by adding a squishy sofa to all that metal, wood, and exposed brick.

Chair or not?

You have a few options when you buy a sofa. Do you get the matching 2-piece, a matching (or mismatching) chair, or no additional pieces to make a statement piece out of your sofa?

If you do go for a chair, you even have options there. As mentioned, there is the idea that you can match it or not, which, either way, will make a statement. Are you looking for something that makes for an excellent aesthetic, or are you looking for somewhere for the man of the house to claim as his throne, complete with feet up and head back mechanics? What you go for all comes down to the vibe in the room and what you need at home.