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Five Common Issues to Avoid During a Property Renovation

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A home renovation project will likely feel stressful from time to time. When you’re not requesting quotes, picking materials, or organizing a budget, you might need to chase up tradespeople, bounce back from obstacles, and apply for permits. 

The key is to reduce your stress levels as much as possible along the way, which means minimizing problems that may occur due to small mistakes. Here are five common issues to avoid during a property renovation.

1. Ignoring Existing Problems

Before a home renovation, you must review a property’s existing problems, which you must address during the project. It may help to organize a survey of the house to pinpoint issues before completing any major building work. For instance, you may need to rectify a structural defect, plumbing problem, or electrical fault. Correcting existing issues before a renovation will prevent inevitable and more expensive issues in the future.

2. Attracting Problem Pests

A messy renovation site can cause multiple problems during a project, from upsetting the neighbors to slowing down tradespeople. However, problem pests are one of the biggest issues you can face, which may happen due to excess mess on site. For example, rodents might be attracted to your property due to poor disposal of debris, waste, and food, increasing your property’s risk of an infestation.

Keep rats and mice at bay by creating a clean, clutter-free site and ensuring that all trash is disposed of quickly. If you experience a pet infestation during a renovation project, contact a company like this reputable Pest Control Company in London to eliminate the problem at a fast rate.

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3. Underestimating Teamwork

Good teamwork is essential during a renovation project, as builders, electricians, plumbers, decorators, and landscapers may need to work together to deliver a project on schedule and to a high standard.

Underestimating the importance of teamwork could lead to inefficiency, substandard work, project delays, and arguments on site. For this reason, you must encourage all tradespeople to communicate and cooperate to speed up productivity and prevent any confusion.

4. Mismeasuring

Mismeasurements can cause unnecessary headaches during a renovation project. A tiny measurement error when installing cabinetry, countertops, and built-ins can hinder a renovation project and increase costs. 

As the saying goes, measure twice and cut once. However, if you’re less than confident with a tape measure, hire a professional contractor to complete accurate measurements, which will protect your finances and ensure the smooth running of the project.

5. Hiring the Wrong Tradespeople

The tradespeople you select will determine a renovation project’s quality, safety, and productivity, which is why you mustn’t rush your decision. Also, you shouldn’t make the mistake of just hiring the builder, electrician, or plumber who provides the cheapest quote, as there could be a reason their rates are so low. 

Take the time to research each tradesperson by looking examples of their work, reading online reviews, and browsing local news articles. Typing their name into Google, Facebook, or Twitter could help you to find positive or negative reviews that can help you to make an informed choice.

Image courtesy of Prue Ruscoe