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FLYTE Levitating Lamp by Simon Morris 


Simon Morris’ FLYTE is a levitating light, which hovers by magnetic levitation and is powered through the air. There are no batteries and its low voltage LEDs makes it completely safe and harmelss. Combing Tesla laws of induction with Edison’s signature bulb, the screwless light can rotate continuously with almost no friction. The base, created in Sweden from sustainable oak, ash and walnut, hides the hardware and electronics components which consist of an electro-magnetic base, sensors and a power adapter. The lamp not only serves as a light source, but can wirelessly charge your phone as well.

You can help fund the project on Kickstarter here, with a $199 USD pledge for your own FLYTE when it’s available (retailing for $399 USD).

 2-flyte-levitating-lamp-by-simon-morris 3-flyte-levitating-lamp-by-simon-morris 4-flyte-levitating-lamp-by-simon-morris 5-flyte-levitating-lamp-by-simon-morris 6-flyte-levitating-lamp-by-simon-morris 7-flyte-levitating-lamp-by-simon-morris 8-flyte-levitating-lamp-by-simon-morris

all images courtesy of FLYTE