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Get the Most Out of Your Screenshots

Get the Most Out of Your Screenshots

Michael Burrows from Pexels

Have you felt the need to capture what you see on your device screen more often? If the answer is yes, then you may have already been using the screenshots for various purposes.

The most common utility for taking screenshots as cited by people is for record-keeping. They often use the screenshots as a tool to keep a witness of something that they saw or for reference.

But have you used the screenshot for marketing? Screenshots can be a great instrument to add value to your content. Search optimized or social media screenshots can be a great viral marketing tool too. Let us dig a little deeper to know more.

Capturing Your Screenshots

Snapping a screenshot is a quick and easy way to save and share information. They have since been adopted as one of the most utilized functions on any device, so knowing how to screenshot on Mac is extremely helpful.

The release of macOS Mojave has made taking screenshots easier than ever. This update has given the exposure to a new screenshot tool that can be set into action by either

  • Navigating to Launchpad > Other > Screenshot, or
  • Pressing the buttons Command, Shift, and 5 together

The window that pops out gives you a chance to capture the screenshots in various forms – a specific window, a part of the screen, or the entire screen. It also allows you to capture a video of the screen.

Capturing screen grabs on a windows system is very easy. You can use the Print Screen button on the keyboard. Then paste it where you want to use the image. The only issue is it captures everything on the screen. Alt+Print Screen can help you narrow down to the window you are on. 

Windows 10, after the May 2019 update, has a Snip & Sketch tool. You can open the tool by pressing Shift+Windows Key+S on the keyboard. A small tool opens on the window that can help you capture anything of your choice on the screen.

You can capture the screenshots on the Apple phones with the Home button by pressing the Home button and holding down the sleep button. For the latest Apple devices without the home button, press the volume up and side button on the right of the screen together. 

 Get the Most Out of Your Screenshots

Increase SERP Visibility

The mobile search results on Google dedicates a lot of the space to images. Search results that have the backing of screenshots attract a higher number of clicks on the SERP.

The use of basic image SEO tools can aid you in achieving better results on organic searches while using screenshots. The following techniques can act as a reference for this:

  • The landing page and the article should have a significant number of screenshots
  • The anchor texts and file names should be keywords-based
  • Build a relevant context around your image using semantic SEO

The importance of semantic SEO strategy is rapidly increasing, hence you should not miss them while planning. But do not overstuff keywords. It is advisable to use a text optimizer for your articles to have relatable concepts for the search engines. The better you align your copy with the user intent, the better you can expect a chance to show up on searches.

Case Studies and Testimonials

You can get one of the best results for your content when using your screenshots to validate the case studies. The screengrabs of your experience, other’s comments, and testimonials can help make the findings more believable and acceptable to the audience.

The screenshots can help add meat to your blog posts and help fetch better traffic. Images are the leading form of engagement in the digital space. Hence when you add the screenshots, they act as enablers for you.

Repurpose Your Text

In today’s era, whatever one posts on social media networking sites, someone else may use it for their own purpose. The screenshots are being used to create memes and have become a rage on visual-only platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. So use the text content to repurpose as a visual asset for you.

Screenshots are an in-thing of this era. You can learn to use them for your benefit. The usage, for now, is to keep records and reference materials. But you can use them as a marketing tool to increase the brand connection or bolster any thought. 

You can use them to support your blog articles or your case studies. They can help you to increase your reach and create opportunities for deeper engagement with the audience.