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Glacier Skywalk by Sturgess Architecture, Canada


Calgary-based Sturgess Architecture designed the ‘Glacier Skywalk‘, a 1475-foot long walkway carved and folded into the montainous landscape of Japser National Park, Canada, that provides spectacular views of the adjacent Sunwapta Valley and Athabasca Glacier.


The walkway is based on the concept of cropping out from the landscape, creating an experience of a natural extension of the land“We wanted to give people the opportunity to get out of their car, to experience this incredible landscape in a way that would provide a cerebral connection to our changing natural environment,” explains Jeremy Sturgess who heads Sturgess Architecture. “The design is founded in the idea of a mountainside outcropping, to exist as an organic extension of the landscape.”


The parabola cantilever, with a glass floor of tempered and heat-strengthened glass, reveals an unobstructed view below. The cantilever is the result of an engineering technique taking advantage of a balance formed by opposing tension and compression members and thereby eliminating the need for a more traditional superstructure of pylons and cables above the outlook.

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