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Paul Cocksedge Designs Social Distancing Picnic Blanket For A Post-Lockdown World

Here Comes The Sun - Social Distancing Picnic Blanket / Paul Cocksedge

Paul Cocksedge Studio

London-based designer Paul Cocksedge has imagined a design-led solution for social distancing, as the reality of long-term spacing becomes a likely measure post-lockdown.

Cocksedge was inspired to create ‘Here Comes The Sun’ – a proposal for a post-lockdown future, that can help people socialize safely and confidently once restrictions have been eased. The blanket has been designed to help people maintain the required two-meter distance, in a range of social occasions such as being on a picnic or sunbathing with friends.

 Here Comes The Sun - Social Distancing Picnic Blanket / Paul Cocksedge

The design of the blanket is available to download here for free to encourage people to create their own versions, and encourage people to make, craft and pattern-cut during lockdown.

“Lockdown has given rise to some amazing bursts of creativity, and I wanted to create something positive, that looks towards the future,” says Cocksedge on his design. “Technology has been a huge help in recent weeks, allowing people to stay connected digitally. But there’s a real feeling of how desperate people are to get backout in the world and interact with each other in real life. Post-lockdown, that socializing comes with uncertainty.”

 Here Comes The Sun - Social Distancing Picnic Blanket / Paul Cocksedge

“As a designer that works with sizes and measurements on a daily basis, I sometimes find it hard to accurately interpret two meters – which is a common problem we’re all having at the moment. It adds a level of worry to our future interactions,” he continues. “This blanket is a playful answer to that and works as a democratic piece of design that anyone can download and make.”