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Here’s How You Can Make The Best Cup Of Coffee At Home

Coffee is an affordable luxury that is an integral part of many people’s lives, and over 450 million cups are consumed in the United States everyday. Apart from giving you a much-needed energy boost, coffee has also been touted to be a healthful beverage, with studies showing that it may lower your risk of developing certain cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Getting a specially blended beverage from a hip coffee shop may seem like the best way to get a delicious cup of joe. However, you can actually make your own brew at home that costs less and tastes just as great. With a few gadgets and some barista-approved hacks, here’s how you can make the best cup of coffee at home. If you love brewing your coffee using the pour-over method but find you just don’t have the time in the morning, perhaps it’s time to consider investing in the best automatic pour over coffee maker.

Know where to buy quality coffee beans

Making a great cup of coffee starts with choosing the best coffee beans that you can afford, but picking the right beans can be daunting, as there’s a staggering amount of coffee available. Sure, you can buy some from the grocery store, but for a truly special brew, you may want to go to an independent roaster’s shop or a small coffee shop to buy your beans. These places are more likely to be selling freshly-roasted beans than bigger stores. Also, if there’s one thing that you have to keep in mind, remember to consume the beans no longer than three weeks after their roasting date. Doing so ensures that you get the full flavor from the coffee beans, and if you’re making espresso, it’s the best way to make sure that you get that thick crema on top.

 Here’s How You Can Make The Best Cup Of Coffee At Home

Use a grinder

The next step is to grind your own coffee beans. For this, you’ll need something that can produce a coarse or fine grind, depending on what you’ll use to brew your coffee, so an espresso grinder will be suitable for the task. Never grind more than what you’ll be using for the day, and if you’re unsure how much to process, start by grinding two tablespoons of coffee beans for every eight ounces of water. You can always adjust the amount for a stronger or lighter brew. Consider using an espresso grinder with a low RPM so you won’t burn the beans while grinding: this will reduce the risk of creating an overly bitter brew. Once you’ve ground your coffee beans, use a French press, a drip coffee maker, or an espresso machine to make your coffee.

For the maximum pleasure with the next cup of coffee also use the coffee grinder brush to make your grinder ready for the new batch of fresh coffee beans.

 Here’s How You Can Make The Best Cup Of Coffee At Home

Add some flavor

Those who prefer black coffee won’t need to add anything more to their brew or espresso to get their caffeine fix. However, if you want a bit of variety and want to try something other than sugar and milk in your coffee, consider adding spices to your brew, such as cinnamon or cardamom. Freshly ground cardamom works best for coffee, and as for cinnamon, try immersing a stick of it in your brew to get the most flavor out of it. Meanwhile, a splash of almond milk plus a drizzle of hazelnut syrup will lighten up your coffee and give it a nutty taste. Experiment and see what combinations you can come up with to create a unique cup of coffee.

Making a good cup of coffee may need a bit of time and practice, but you’ll find that it’s worth the effort once you get a taste of your homemade brew. Try these tips to create a quality cup of coffee at home, and enjoy making and drinking your favorite beverage day after day.