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Home Renovation Trends that are Totally Worth the Money

Home office with many windows

It’s no surprise that renovations and DIY projects saw a sudden increase last year – Londoners spent more time at home than they thought possible, and they simply had to make their homes more functional. In fact, more than 350,000 households in the UK applied for planning permission last year.

So, if you’re considering a home renovation in London, however big or small, here are some of the renovation project plans that are totally worth it: 

1. Home Office

A home office is no passing trend: it’s a serious home renovation that’s certainly worth your money. It seems that COVID19 is here to stay, and even if it leaves us for good, the newly established work-from-home concept certainly won’t. Many offices are looking to adopt a hybrid approach that incorporates a blend of working from home and office arrangements.

The bottom line is that you may be working from your home in some capacity for a long time to come.  

As many as 55% of the people in the UK worked from home last year but a surprising amount of these people didn’t even have a proper desk to work on. No wonder the home office is one of the home improvement London trends that is really catching on. 

Your home office needs to be secluded and somewhere you can work in peace. An unused loft area? Garage Conversion? Spare bedroom or unused hallway nook? Make sure your space is well lit, well ventilated and has some storage space. Your home renovation specialist can help you maximize the functionality of your home office area and create an area that’s inspirational and stylish.

 Detail of Bathtub with Green Tiles

2. Loft Conversion

Another home improvement London trend that remains popular is the classic loft conversion. A loft bedroom, bathroom, playroom, home gym, or storage room is a great way to add genuine resale value to a simple home and will transform the practicality of your home.

Your loft conversions specialist can help you assess the attic space and come up with a plan that will maximize the functionality of your upstairs room. And if there are any permissions necessary to complete your project, your team can help with this too.

Once construction starts, it may take anywhere from four to 10 weeks to complete your loft conversion, depending on the work that needs to be done, so a bit of patience and can-do spirit will go a long way towards making the renovation time as bearable as possible.

3. Garden makeover

Home gardens have taken another perspective in the past 2 years: we’ve learnt to value our space more than ever, and our little patch of green has become our private outdoor sanctuary.

In fact, to quote the Rated People Home Improvements Trend Report, ‘ 39% of people got into gardening in 2020 and now 64% of the UK residents say they will not buy a home that doesn’t have a garden in it’! 

A garden renovation is one of the top trends in home renovation in London. And the good news is you don’t need to have a wide, sprawling space to create something beautiful – you can do something as simple as painting your fence a different color or adding a few beautiful pot plants. 

If you’re thinking of a total outdoor overhaul, consider adding a variety of flowers and plants that form a colorful mix. And what about a vegetable patch to grow your own food?

Install a new shed, add chairs and tables to create a comfortable seating arrangement. Color the furniture in vibrant colors. Add external lighting and turn your area into nighttime fairyland! 

 All-white kitchen

4. Freshen up the Kitchen

We all know that the kitchen is one of the most important spaces in a home, and renovating the kitchen is always on trend.

If you hire a top renovation company in Dubai, you will be able to execute what you had always dreamt about as far as your kitchen is concerned. Get the most experienced design experts to help you plan the renovation project.

When planning your kitchen makeover, try and maintain a healthy balance between functionality and aesthetics. Remember, this is a space that’s used by the whole family, so it needs to have excellent flow, be super serviceable and have plenty of storage space.

Start with a thorough declutter. Take time to think about how you use your kitchen and list out the pros and cons of the current layout. Think open plan, light, bright and airy.  

You don’t have to spend a fortune to take your kitchen up a notch or two: creating more open space, replacing old cabinet fronts with new doors, changing over the handles and draw pulls for something that’s a more contemporary style, a fresh coat of paint on the walls… it’s the little things that can make big differences! 

5. Sometimes Less is More

If you’re not able to take on a big home renovation project such as a loft conversion or garden makeover, why not start with something smaller? Home renovations don’t have to be big: all the small details are guaranteed to create a big difference. And the added advantage with this approach is that it allows you to set your budget, break the project into bite-sized chunks and tackle it at your own pace.

Paint is a great place to start – freshen up your walls and ceilings or paint a single wall in a contrasting colour to create a focal point.  

Time for new curtains or cushion covers? Soft furnishings are a very effective way to transform the look of any space. A new floor rug, a gorgeous indoor plant, a beautiful book or two… use contrasting textures and colours to create interest and style. These are all small, budget-friendly changes that will have an immediate impact on the look and feel of your rooms. 

As the old saying goes, ‘a change is as good as a holiday’, and if travelling is off the agenda right now, then why not start a home renovation project?! After all, if you’re like most British homeowners, your home is probably your most important asset, so improving it is always a good idea! Your specialist home renovation team can help you make sure that your renovations add genuine value and give you the best return on investment.