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Hotel Vincci The Mint by Jaime Beriestain, Madrid

Adolfo Gosálvez Photography

Located right on Madrid’s Gran Via, the Vincci The Mint hotel offers the guest an innovative, avant-garde concept with the signature of the renowned interior designer Jaime Beriestain, who has respected the building’s essence while contributing his individual style. On entering the hotel you will be surprised by its originality. The traditional reception area does not have a place at Vincci The Mint where the experience begins when guests check in at the counter of a bar, in a relaxed and casual atmosphere, where you can take all necessary steps to arrange your stay while you enjoy a refreshment or cocktail in this special space.


Each nook of the accommodations strives to create a diaphanous, social environment that allows its guests to enjoy all the attractions of the Gran Vía. In this respect the gastro-bar with direct entrance from the street is striking: a lively space where music is mixed with the pleasures of relaxing next to a delicious cocktail and sampling the most exquisite snacks prepared by hand by hotel’s chefs.


Vincci The Mint is located at number 10 Gran Vía, and it represents the hotel chain’s new commitment to renovating historic buildings. Its name is inspired in green and turquoise tones which imbue the hotel’s original interior décor with a fresh, sophisticated touch. The building is a landmark of the capital city which was constructed between the years 1916 and 1919, and its facade is of great artistic value. The exterior of the establishment, which shows us Madrid at its most historic, contrasts with the sophistication of its interior.

It is a one-of-a-kind hotel, with a unique rooftop terrace, offering unbelievable views of Madrid’s Gran Vía, where you can enjoy a snack outdoors at the original food truck that is set up here. In genuine American style, mobile catering has arrived at Vincci Hoteles creating an experience that will not fail to please.


The hotel features 88 guestrooms, all of them ample and luminous, equipped with all comforts that set Vincci Hoteles apart, offering avant-garde décor without losing one bit of comfort.

Its excellent location allows you the maximum experience of the capital. For guests in search of the most historic Madrid, the accommodations are located close to Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor, the district of the Austrians and Plaza de Cibeles, among other points of interest to tourists. Those who prefer shopping or entertainment have a multitude of fashionable, national and international shops from which to choose, in addition to a broad offering of theaters and restaurants for enjoying your leisure time in Madrid with a different concept, an authentic Vincci experience.

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all images © Adolfo Gosálvez Photography