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How To Become A Landscape Architect

What is landscape architecture?

Landscape architecture covers a range of fields and brings with a number of aspects that could include botany, science, psychology, ecology, horticulture, architecture and civil engineering as well as many more.

This is an occupation that is extremely varied but also rewarding as it enables landscape architects to become part of projects that can range from relatively small to those that are on a global scale. 

Landscape architecture will see architectures get creative across a range of projects and that can see them working on anything from public areas to sports grounds and arenas to housing schemes and universities, any external area could become part of a landscape architect project.

As a result, landscape architecture involves forward-thinking and planning, ensuring that it complements existing habitats and biodiversity while also bringing to life old, disused spaces such as contaminated sites or brownfield areas, turning them into spaces that are pleasing on the eye and can be enjoyed once again.

 How To Become A Landscape Architect

What Does a Landscape Architect Actually Do?

A landscape architect will have to actively manage and meet the specific requirements of each client. As part of the role, they will have to carry out site surveys as well as in-depth analysis that takes into consideration the climate, the soil, flora, fauna, surface and subsurface water and drainage to see how the architecture will make an impact.

Along with all of this will be expected to present plans and working drawings that align themselves with the development and design of landscape strategies while they will need to call on their knowledge and expertise to make recommendations. 

As many landscape architect projects will involve many processes, they will be expected to sequence operations in order to reach the desired goal. They will also have to masterplan new and existing areas while identifying habitats and vegetations along with adhering to all specifications, costs and time schedules. 

Depending on the location, they might also have to specify vegetation and planting arrangements and locations as well as types while they might also have to incorporate new or existing watercourses.

As part of the role, they will also be expected to deliver maintenance and monitoring reports as well as undertake landscape assessments as well as the environmental and visual impact assessments.

 How To Become A Landscape Architect

Difference Between A Landscape Architect and Landscape Designers?

There is a lot of confusion around the two roles with many believing that they are the same but they are not. 

A Landscape Architect will play a significant role in designing, managing and developing architect projects that can include open spaces whereby areas are transformed through architectural designs. In contrast to this, a landscape or garden designer will work with areas that commonly contain ornamental plants, herbs, trees and lawns that are located on private or public grounds. 

Effectively, a landscape architect will cover a broad range of areas that relate to the design or redesign of a variety of urban and suburban areas while landscape designers will be confined to the design of smaller more defined areas.