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How To Care For Quartz Countertops Properly and Safely?

How To Care For Quartz Countertops Properly and Safely?

The inherent aesthetic appeal and promising life of quartz make it one of the most sought-after materials for your countertops. Households appreciate the beauty of this engineered stone as it breathes sophistication and charm into their kitchens. However, the material is expensive, and it makes sense to invest time to take care of your quartz countertops. After all, it does not require heavy maintenance, and you need not shell out excessive amounts to take care of quartz countertops. However, the countertops require routine maintenance, which significantly enhances their durability.

In this article, we would discuss the right process to take care of your quartz countertops. In this regard, you may seek professional assistance to ensure the durability of your countertop. See more in this post to find the right professionals to guide you.

What Should The Routine Cleaning Of Your Countertops Involve?

To retain the elegance and sheen of your quartz countertop, make sure to carry out routine maintenance. Repeat the process explained below at least once or twice a week.

Wiping Your Quartz Counters

Use a soft sponge or cloth for cleaning your counters. Dip it in a soap mix along with warm water. Wipe the counter gently once you soak the sponge. If you use the countertop heavily, you may repeat the process daily.

Scraping Off The Gunk

From time to time, you need to eliminate the dried gunk from the surface of the quartz countertop. For this, you may use a putty knife, particularly if the gunk is formed due to dried food. Make sure to scrape gently in case you have excess buildup. Otherwise, you might end up scratching the surface.

Use A Degreaser

Grease deposits on your countertop call for timely attention. You may use a degreasing agent and spray it evenly on the surface. However, this spray should be devoid of any bleach, as you would end up damaging the surface. Some households also use disinfectant wipes for this purpose. Once done, rinse the surface off immediately using a wet towel or sponge. Also, buy cleaning products or sprays that are explicitly meant for quartz countertops.

 How To Care For Quartz Countertops Properly and Safely?

How To Remove Tough Stains From Quartz Countertops?

At times, the stains on your counter may be too tough to remove following the method mentioned above. In these situations, you may go for the following solution.

Use Adhesive Remover

In case of tough stains, you would require an adhesive remover. You can easily obtain one from the hardware store or consult an expert regarding the right product. Once you purchase it, use a wet cloth or rag to clean the surface. Apply the cleaner to the stain directly and let it settle for 10 minutes. Once you have wiped off the countertop, go for a second wipe using warm water. Alternatively, you might use caramel for this purpose. It would work like a sticker, removing the stubborn stains from the countertop.

Apply Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol

Isopropyl rubbing alcohol is a powerful cleanser. Use a wet rag to rub the stain after applying this solution on it. Next, rub the area using a wet cloth or towel. Now, you simply need some warm water to wipe off the countertop. If the stains are too tough to remove with a simple soap mix, this should work perfectly.

Use Glass Cleaners For Deep Cleaning

As a last resort, you may decide to go for a glass cleaner. Spray the cleaner on the surface and let it settle for a few minutes. Wipe off the cleaner with a wet cloth. However, some materials are more sensitive to chemicals than others. It would be a logical move to consult with the professionals before you opt for this solution. Otherwise, you might end up damaging your countertop.

 How To Care For Quartz Countertops Properly and Safely?

How To Remove Permanent Markers From Your Countertop?

If your kids are too creative, you might get tough marks from permanent markers on your countertop. In these cases, you need to remove those marks using a permanent marker remover. You can get one of these products from online portals or hardware stores. Alternatively, you might use a weak sanitizer to remove the marks. The alcoholic content in sanitizer sprays will do away with those ugly marks. Next, use plain water or a moist cloth to remove the residue, if any. Alternatively, an oil-based cleaner might also work.

Tips For Safely Cleaning The Countertops

Here are some tips that you should bear in mind before cleaning your countertops.

  • When you carry out your routine cleaning, make sure to use a non-abrasive and non-bleach soap. It is recommended to use a mild detergent or soap for cleaning purposes.
  • Make sure to wipe off any liquid or gravy that might fall on the counter immediately. Although some quartz counters are resistant to stains, they can resist these materials only for short periods. Therefore, be prompt enough to wipe off all colored liquids.
  • For heavy stains, use a surface or glass cleaner, particularly if they have dried. If you use a sponge, take care to get a non-abrasive one.
  • Experts would recommend you scrape away paints, grease, or gum as fast as possible. You might use a razor blade or a putty knife for this purpose. Once done, rinse the area off immediately.
  • Use an oil-based cleanser to eliminate permanent markers or ink. However, if you have heavy stains, it is recommended to seek professional support.
  • Do not use electric skillets or any hot object for cleaning quartz countertops. This might result in a thermal shock. In general, quartz is capable of withstanding temperatures around 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Excessive heat can end up damaging the counter.


Quartz countertops continue to be a valuable addition to contemporary kitchens. If you have installed one of these counters, dedicate adequate efforts to cleaning the surface. It pays to hire an expert to get your countertop cleaned in case of heavy stains. In the process, you can enhance the longevity of these elegant countertops.