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How to choose a Booking Engine for your hotel website?

How to choose a Booking Engine for your hotel website?

Travel has long become an integral part of our life. Now any business trips and trips can be booked and paid directly from your smartphone. Business owners who decide to launch their own website should choose a module that will link together offers, payment systems, notifications and many other functions. This is why they should invest in a great booking engine software.

What is a booking engine?

The online booking module displays up-to-date information on prices for available rooms, rates, promotions and special offers and allows customers to select and pay for the desired rooms and services and instantly receive a booking confirmation. Convenience to book rooms from any device.

The booking module must have a responsive design and work perfectly on all types of devices:

  • Tablets;
  • Computers;
  • Smartphones.

This means that the guest can easily book the room they like in your hotel, just having an Android or iOS smartphone at hand.

 How to choose a Booking Engine for your hotel website?

Installing a variety of widgets

Booking engine development is a separate part of the website launch work. The booking module widget can be installed on the site from any CMS (self-written or boxed). It will fit perfectly into the design of your hotel website. Depending on the design of your website pages, the widget can be installed horizontally, vertically or as a button.

Payment Methods for Guests

  1. Payment upon arrival (the guest pays for the reservation upon arrival at the hotel).
  2. Payment by bank details (the guest pays according to the invoice in a convenient way: online, through the terminal or at a bank branch).
  3. Online payment when booking a room (the guest pays for the booking on the hotel website using his bank card).
  4. Guarantee by bank card (using the details provided by the guest, the hotel uses the terminal to block or deduct the required amount for the stay from the guest’s card).

The booking module must be synchronized with the main sales channels for booking hotels, apartments and buying air tickets. For the site to work effectively, be sure to configure:

  • Booking.com and at least 125 other sales channels of international OTAs, tour operators, GDS.
  • Managing prices and availability of rooms simultaneously in all sales channels.
  • Integration with well-known PMS systems.

To connect additional channels manually, you need to provide this function in the site settings.

 How to choose a Booking Engine for your hotel website?

Convenient room management

A high-quality module makes it easy to track prices and availability of rooms. You have the option to open or close sales numbers for specific dates. For each tariff for the same number, you can specify a different available number of rooms and specify different prices for different days.

Special offers: promotions, discounts, promotional codes

Offer your guests rooms at a special rate when booking online on the hotel’s website. Create various discounts on accommodation such as early bookings, long stays or discounts with promo codes for specific groups of people. You can create discounts with any conditions that apply to your hotel.