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How to Choose Outdoor Tiles

How to Choose Outdoor Tiles

While they may look the same in the naked eyes, outdoor tiles are usually quite different from indoor tiles in terms of technical performances, and thus, need some special considerations. 

Currently, designers are increasingly opting for floor tiles to give it a trendy outlook. Its uses are not limited to the indoors either, with many outdoor spaces now furnished with a variety of tiles. Whether it’s the terraces, gardens, patios, or porches, you can use outdoor tiles for furnishing. Swimming pools also fall in this category, while pedestrian paths and roads are the same. 

As you can see, there are many different applications of tiles in the outdoors. Inevitably, there are also several varieties of porcelain tiles that can be used for different purposes. So, before you jump onto shopping for outdoor tiles, let’s learn about the ways to find the most suitable ones from below. 

Tiles Best Suited for Outdoors

There are many different types of tiles. It includes ceramic tiles, glass tiles, marble tiles, porcelain stoneware tiles, and many more. Not every tile has the same technical properties or aesthetics. They don’t respond to outdoor environments in the same way either. 

Due to their incredible resistance to weathering and other environmental influences, porcelain tiles are regarded as the best materials for the outdoors. The fact that these tiles offer extra protection against accidental slips also helps their causes. 

So, irrespective of the utilities of a particular space, make sure you choose some high-quality porcelain stoneware tiles made for the outdoors. 

 How to Choose Outdoor Tiles

Be Mindful of the Technical Properties

With incredible design varieties found in porcelain tiles, it’s easy to get swayed by a particular design. However, you must also look closely into the technical properties of a particular design of outdoor tiles. 

You see, tiles that are made for the outdoors are available in several thicknesses and can withstand different loads and stresses. You should also look for tiles with non-slip finishes and increasing friction degrees, which translates into a risk-free and comfortable walking experience. 

As outdoor tiles are destined to remain exposed to the external environment, you should also look for durable tiles offering incredible resistance against wears and tears, sudden changes in temperatures, frosts and humidity, etc. 

Don’t Forget About Installation and Maintenance

Having to install in the outdoors, the installation flexibility of a particular porcelain stoneware tile can immediately enhance your tiling experience. There are now tiles that are greatly versatile with the ability to be installed with traditional glueing and on raised slabs, dry sands, gravels and grasses, etc. 

It’s also not fun having to clean outdoor tiles frequently, especially if it requires special equipment and liquids. Fortunately, though, there are some high-end Italian manufacturers whose tiles are compatible with any cleaning liquids and tools. Featuring resistive properties for debris and grimes, some tiles can also require less frequent cleaning than others. 

So, consider the natural environment of your space and opt for porcelain tiles that fit most with your needs.