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How To Choose The Right Lighting Solutions For Your Home

Sculptural bronze lamp suspended in modern kitchen

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of designing your home. You can’t have a beautiful room without good lighting, and you need to make sure that the light fixtures are properly installed so they don’t leave dark spots in your rooms. There are many different types of lighting solutions on the market, but each type has its own pros and cons. Let’s take a look at which ones will work best for specific needs. 

Living room

Lights for the living room should be fairly bright, with a color temperature of at least 3200k. Table lamps are always a good choice for tighter spaces because they don’t block light from other sources. Floor lamps are also great if you need extra lighting behind the chair or sofa. Furthermore, table and floor lamps can be used to create a more ambient light.

Chandeliers and pendant lights work well in the living room as well, but they should never block another source of light. They should also provide subtle lighting. You don’t want your guests squinting when interacting with one another.


A bathroom is a place where you want to be able to see what you’re doing. That’s why it’s important to use bright lights with a color temperature of at least 5500k. Recessed lights are always a great option for the bathroom, but you can also use sconces or wall lamps. There is a ton of choice online and companies such as ALTI Lighting offer a great variety of lamps for bathrooms. Just keep in mind that the light shouldn’t be too bright, as it can be harsh on the eyes.

In most homes, bathrooms are small, so it’s important to use fixtures that take up minimal space. 


Kitchens usually have enough natural light to keep them bright, but it is important to have a few lamps for those dim days. Cooking requires a lot of precision, and you don’t want to be struggling to see what you’re doing.

When choosing lamps for the kitchen, it’s important to consider the size of the room. If the kitchen is small, opt for smaller lamps. And if there is a breakfast nook in the kitchen, choose a table lamp that can fit in the nook.

Task lighting can be used to provide light for meal preparation and smaller activities such as reading the paper or cooking. A good lamp for this purpose is a swing arm task lamp that mounts on the wall near your countertop. Under-cabinet lights are also great because they give off a lot of light without taking up any counter space.

 Marble lamp placed on bedside table


In the bedroom, you want to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. This is best done with lamps that provide softer light. Table lamps are perfect for this, but floor lamps can also be used if there’s enough space. Chandeliers and pendant lights should be avoided in the bedroom because they can be too bright. Wall sconces are another good option for the bedroom because they give off softer light than recessed lights, which can be harsh on the eyes.

Bedrooms are often smaller than other rooms in the house, so using a dimmer switch is a great idea. This will give you more control over the lighting and create a perfect atmosphere.


Studies are places where you really need task lighting. A swing arm lamp is a great addition to a study because it can be moved around as needed. Table lamps are also good choices for the study, as they don’t block any light sources and let you direct the light exactly where you need it. Most people prefer to use incandescent light bulbs in studies because they provide a warm and relaxing light.

Additionally, it’s important to make sure that the study is well-lit overall. This can be done by using a combination of recessed lights and table or floor lamps.

Children’s room

The perfect children’s room is one that can grow with your kids. You need to think critically about the lighting because it will determine what kind of activities your children are able to do in their room. This is especially important for younger kids, who need a lot of bright light to be able to read or do other activities. As they get older, you can decrease the lighting until it’s just right for them.

The best way to choose lighting solutions for your home is to take into account all of these factors and determine what works best based on your needs. There are many different styles of lamps available for every room, so you will have no problem getting the lighting right. If there’s one thing to remember when choosing the perfect light fixtures for your home it is this: make sure they provide enough light without being too bright. If you follow these tips when making your decision, then you’re sure to get it right.