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How To Choose The Right Window Treatments For Your Bedroom 

 How To Choose The Right Window Treatments For Your Bedroom 

In many ways, the bedroom is the most important room in our lives. It is where we spend most of our time, and it’s a space that not only provides comfort and security, but is also a representation of our identities. 

It’s for this reason, and many others, that finding the right bedroom window treatment is an essential task. However, this is no easy feat, with a myriad of possibilities to choose from. If windows are the eyes into a home, then window treatments are the eyelashes, and in this article, we take you through treatment options, their functions, and ideas for different kinds of homes. 

Different window treatment options

Knowing where to begin is one of the hardest parts of choosing the right window treatments. Curtains, venetians, drapes… the list goes on. Below are a few of the more popular options for you to consider:

  • Plantation shutters: Plantation shutters are similar to blinds, but are made of solid materials and are easy to open or close. They can also swing open, away from the windows, while remaining attached to the wall by their hinges, allowing unrestricted sunlight and views at will. Aluminium plantation shutters are a particularly favorable option. They are painted with a durable, scratch-resistant powder coating. Being made of aluminum also allows them to reflect light and keep heat out during the warmer months, and retain warmth during cooler times of the year. An added bonus of this is that they can help save money on your energy bills.
  • Venetian blinds: These are very common in many rooms of the home, often finding their way into bedrooms. Venetian blinds are characterized by their hanging string, which functions as a lever that you can use to pull them up or down, and the twisting rod that allows you to angle them.
  • These are sometimes made with thin aluminum sheets or occasionally wood. In the former material, they have the ability to reflect light and moderate energy use, but are not as attractive an option due to being synonymous with offices. (1)
  • Curtains: Made of fabric, curtains add a touch of softness to your room, giving a floaty sense of romance in the process. Curtains can also make quite the statement in a room; they moderate the light, they provide warmth, and make a space look complete. Additionally, the right curtains have been linked to a better night’s sleep, better decision-making abilities, and better mood. (2)

  How To Choose The Right Window Treatments For Your Bedroom 

What to consider if your bedroom is home to plants

As homes are gradually getting smaller, people are trying numerous ways to increase the comfort of their bedrooms, and plants are one popular option. Though, some people can experience strife when they try to balance their new friendly flora with window treatments. To keep your plants alive and optimize the style of your window treatments, consider the following combinations: (3)

  • Cacti and succulents with blinds: Desert-dwelling plants love sun, warmth, and north facing windows. Blinds are ideal here as they are easy to raise to allow full bursts of sun into the room.
  • Orchids and plantation shutters: Orchids are a flower that is particularly sensitive to light. For this reason, they require a window treatment that is capable of being adjusted to regulate the amount of sun that the room receives.
  • Chinese evergreens, devil’s ivy, and peace lilies with curtains: These plants are sensitive to light. They will still need some, so being able to expose them to light with the curtains open, and then minimize their exposure with them closed, is ideal. 

Try to be consistent with the rest of the house, but don’t be boring

When learning about how to choose the right window treatments, this kind of seemingly contradictory advice can really throw somebody off. But hear us out—this is the all-too-important interior design detail that is (often) easily overlooked. 

You don’t want every room to look so different it throws off the flow of the house. Consistency is fundamental to cohesiveness, and the window treatments need to fit the overall feeling of the home. 

Having said that, individuality is at the heart of bedroom design. When it comes to all of the fittings of the home, they need to represent the occupants of the home, and of course, fit the home itself. (4)

So, what’s the solution? Seek uniform, yet exceptional, window treatments. This will represent the household as a whole, while also giving the inhabitants the relative freedom to style their own spaces as they see fit. Without this consistency, odd window treatments will be an absolute eyesore when looking from the outside. 

In conclusion

If you need to know how to pick the right window treatments, first you need to research what is available. After doing this, think about the kind of home you keep, and think about what window treatments best suit your environment. Further, consistency is a good idea when it comes to window treatments, but don’t be afraid to put your personality on display in the process.