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How To Create A Beautiful And Thriving Indoor Garden

Black man takes care of house plants

Cottonbro from Pexels

Indoor gardening has evolved from being a pandemic trend to becoming a way of life for millions of people all over the world. According to a University of Florida study, 80% of those who took up gardening since the beginning of COVID-19 will continue the pastime as it has a host of positive health benefits. Not only can it enhance overall wellbeing, but it can also be a good solution to food insecurity. While anyone can bring in houseplants to create a green indoors, it takes some knowledge, patience, and diligence to create a successful and healthy indoor garden. If you’re planning to continue indoor gardening this year, here are some tips to ensure that your plants thrive.

Choose Native Plants

Most people who garden in their backyard know that choosing native plants is key to a thriving green space. However, indoor gardening beginners tend to gravitate towards plants that aren’t native to their area. This is the reason why you may see New York homes filled with tropical plants, while homeowners in LA may attempt to grow tulips, which grow best in cold weather. To give your indoor garden a fighting chance, only choose plants that thrive in your part of the globe.

For instance, if you live in a hot and humid place, such as the tropics, or in a place that gets a lot of sun, like Florida or California, plan on adding tropical plants, such as dieffenbachia, to your indoor plant collection. Make sure to fertilize it as needed. Experts recommend coffee grounds for dieffenbachia since the nutritional content of this natural fertilizer is rich in nitrogen and calcium, which can help your plant grow. Meanwhile, for those living in cold states such as North Dakota and Minnesota, choose houseplants that do well in winter, such as snake plants, ZZ plants, or pothos.

Black man sitting on a sofa in a house full of plants

Pick Plants that Suit Your Plant Parenting Style

Some plants need only a quick spritz of water every now and then to stay green and healthy, while others need lots of water to thrive. So, if you’re someone who tends to be a bit heavy handed when it comes to watering, choose water-loving plants like umbrella plants, baby’s tears, or cyperus. Meanwhile, if you’re a busy person and you prefer low maintenance plants, pick succulents, which don’t require frequent watering, or spider plants and peace lily, which are easy to grow and maintain.

Grow Some Produce

For most people, rising food costs means having to settle for cheap, unhealthy food. But if you don’t want to sacrifice your health, consider growing fresh produce inside your home. Some of the easiest ones to grow include microgreens, leafy salad greens, baby carrots, and potatoes. These plants don’t need a lot of space to thrive, so all you have to do is plant them in containers and place them on the windowsill so they can get some sunlight.

The other type of plants you can grow in containers and are also for your own consumption is cannabis. It can be grown at home and the buds can be used for smoking, cooking or to extract its oils. So if starting from scratch is what you want, you may want to buy marijuana seeds and learn more about how to make cannabis thrive at home.

Having an indoor garden can benefit your physical and mental health. Consider these tips to create a thriving and beautiful garden that you’ll enjoy all year round.