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How To Design A Room That Sparks Creativity In You?

How To Design A Room That Sparks Creativity In You?

Spaces that inspire creativity are different from other rooms and this is why all creative people should have a space that can spark creativity. What makes the creative spaces completely different from the other space is the fact that these spaces are very personal. More than decoration, this space is more about curating space. Creative space needs to be filled with plenty of personal totems and natural objects. Creative spaces are often messy, just like the mind of the artist. However, when not working it needs to be clean. 

1. Fill it with colour 

Many creative artists prefer to embrace warm colours. Embrace bright and warm colours to inspire your inner creativity and further, it will motivate you to work too. A healthy combination of colours will further help you to get creative with the walls, accessories, furniture and art. If you are more into monochromatic space, you can go for it too. Whether you like the funky style or minimalistic background, you need to fill in colours of your choice. An easy way of adding colours in the room would be pinning up motivational posters in a nice frame on a wall. If you are a reader, you can consider colour coding your books when you arrange them on the shelf too. Bright colours will make the space alive. 

 How To Design A Room That Sparks Creativity In You?

2. Don’t invest in precious furniture

In your creative room, do not invest in precious furniture. Consider investing in furniture that can take a beating. Your creative room needs to be a place where you can dance, put the coffee on any surface without worrying about a coaster. Choose furniture that can take some wear and tear and ages fine like wine with your sparks of creativity. The creative room should support experimentation and accident while keeping the good vibes constant. If you end up with too much precious furniture in the creative room, you will end up restricting yourself by taking care of them which you do not need in the creative room. In your creative room, you should have the freedom to be your wildest possible self. 

3. Keep the creative items visible

If you have read the book “Atomic Habits”, you must be knowing that keeping things visible ensures that you use them. For instance, if you want to start a habit of running, you need to keep your running shoes visible, not tuck them on a faraway shelf. The same concept should be applied in your creative room too. If you are an artist and love to play, keep your paintbrushes on the table, your half-finished drawings in the centre of the room and your previously done work dolled up in a frame. If you are a gamer and love playing card games like Solitaire or Spider Solitaire, keep the card deck on the coffee table in front of the couch. Use all your creative tools as decor in the creative room. 

4. Keep the space open 

Staying in a tightly packed room might be overwhelming and therefore, it is a good option to keep the room open which allows physical activity. There should be a space available for you to walk while you think or engage in yoga or meditation to destress yourself. Look for a space that supports plenty of natural sunlight during the day. Consider adding some fairy lights to light up space during the night. Have a window with beautiful curtains to let the airflow along with the energy. Keep the room accessible to you. 

 How To Design A Room That Sparks Creativity In You?

5. Get some indoor plants 

Adding indoor plants is a great idea to improve the overall interior design of the room. Indoor plants immediately make the space comfortable and natural. According to a study conducted by Texas A&M University, having plants in the workspace can boost creativity up by 15%. You can start by adding plants that require minimal human intervention to grow indoors and use them to make you comfortable. 

Also, consider having a simple storage system to keep your messy items organized. Don’t forget to customize and personalize the room as per your needs and change it as often as you need. While designing the room remember that creativity is intelligence having fun and you need to have fun while decorating the room.