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How To Ensure That Your Signage Does Not Ruin The Look Of Your Business Premises

How To Ensure That Your Signage Does Not Ruin The Look Of Your Business Premises

Signs are everywhere. Mostly because they are essential, without direction signs the world would be a much harder place to navigate. If there were no hazard signs there would be far more accidents.

In fact, they are so important that many governments have legislation in place to ensure that the signs you buy from somewhere like mydoorsign.com meet a certain standard. These rules and regulations typically state when and where signs need to be used. As well as what they have to say. Even, what font and colors they must be. 

You have to follow the law

This is done to ensure that the sign is visible enough and is easy for everyone to read. As a result, they can be quite bold and bright, garish even. 

So, understandably, some business owners would rather not put them up. But, it is important that you resist the temptation to do that.

Not complying with the rules could lead to all sorts of problems, in particular, when it comes to warning or health or safety signs. If an accident occurred that was considered to be partly due to the fact that there was no sign up you could be held responsible. In those circumstances, your insurance company would be very unlikely to payout. 

So, the sign may look ugly, but it needs to be up and displayed as stipulated in the regulations. You absolutely must not make a smaller version, or scan it and use a graphics program to change the fonts of colors. Health and safety signs must meet all of the standards. 

 How To Ensure That Your Signage Does Not Ruin The Look Of Your Business Premises

In addition, any signage you put up must conform to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Right now, the government is really pushing businesses to fully comply with this act. So, it is not unheard of for companies to receive fines of $75,000 for not complying fully. You really do not want the fact that a sign that meets the standards is big and spoils the aesthetics of your showroom to stop you from putting one up. It just is not worth taking the risk.

However, what you can do is to ensure that the rest of your signage is aesthetically pleasing. There are two main ways you could do this.

It is very important to use signage that fits in with the tone and era of your building and branding. If your business premises were built in the 1920s and you have continued that theme into the interior, choose signage that comes from that era too. For a modern building, clean crisp signs are probably what you want.

If you cannot find exactly what you need, it is worth using a custom design. You can either hire a professional to do this for you or have a go yourself. 

This excellent article explains, in full, how to go about designing commercial signage for your business. Once you are happy with the design all you need to do is to find a good custom signs supplier. Usually, you just have to upload your design and leave it to them to create the signs you need.