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How To Keep Your RV Looking Like New

How To Keep Your RV Looking Like New

As you go on your adventures, you may have barely realized the impact that these trips have on your recreational vehicle. The scorching sun, heavy rains, and dust may not seem like a big deal, but they affect the lifespan of your RV’s exterior parts. The main victims here are the roof and the wheels of your because they’re subjected to extreme conditions. 

So, if you already own an RV or consider buying a used RV sales, it would be prudent to employ preventive maintenance—after all, prevention is better than damage control. Ignoring such a fact may cost you a lot of money and time when trying to make the necessary repairs. This article aims to guide you through some of the most effective tips that will help keep your RV looking new. 

1. Park It Under A Shade

Shade structures are not only ideal for small cars, but recreational vehicles, too. Keep in mind that they are both made from similar materials, which may be easily damaged by too much exposure to the sun. The UV rays can be very damaging to your RV’s paint and dashboard materials. Therefore, if you want to have your recreational machine looking great for many years, you’d better build a shade for it. There are several metal RV covers that might come in handy in this project. As you embark on the construction, make sure to create a spacious room to avoid scratches when parking.

 How To Keep Your RV Looking Like New

2. Frequent Cleaning

Like any other machine, recreational vehicles are also prone to damages if left dirty. If bugs, black streaks, and dust are left on the surface for too long, it’ll be very hard to get rid of them. As such, your vehicles will have spots all over the exterior walls. The best way to avoid this problem is to wash your RV as soon as you arrive from your trip. 

Cleaning is beneficial, but how you do it will determine the results. Scrubbing the painted areas will only lead to more damages, which is something you’d want to avoid as much as possible. Rinse the surface with soapy water, then use a long-handled brush with soft bristles to clean your vehicle. When spraying water on the exterior, try to avoid appliance vents because this could be costly. 

3. Wax The Exterior

Frequent cleaning of your vehicle will help keep your RV looking new to some point, but you’ll also need to try other advanced tricks. Try waxing the exterior occasionally to maintain the shiny appearance. Of course, it’s a time-consuming and tiresome job, but the results will definitely please your eyes. Every time you wipe the exterior surface with soapy water, the initial polish is constantly reduced. After some time, the appearance will look quite rusty even after cleaning. Therefore, polishing is quite crucial and might not be optional.

 How To Keep Your RV Looking Like New

4. Treat The Slide Outs

Keeping your RV shiny and attractive isn’t the only way to maintain its shape. You’d want other parts of the vehicle to also give the impression of a new machine. Slide outs are some of the areas ignored by many people when it comes to maintenance. The fact that they’re hidden from the public shouldn’t give you the confidence of leaving them as they are.

If you ignore these parts, your RV will not only look old, but it may also lead to other damages within the vehicle. For instance, you’ll have problems sealing the RV, which can spoil your experience. Therefore, if you want a productive trip to enhance your mental and spiritual growth, ensure you clean the slide outs more often.

So, how do you do that?  Well, since they’re moving parts, you must lubricate the slider mechanisms to reduce friction, and, in return, minimize the amount of wear and tear. For sliding windows, you can purchase a suitable lubricant that will ensure that the glass slides on the rubber with minimal difficulty. 


Owning an RV is many people’s dream because it gives you the ability to enjoy yourself whenever and wherever you want. However, maintaining it can be somewhat demanding, especially if it’s your first time. To keep it looking new, you’ll need to consider some of the basic requirements.

For instance, the exterior is one area that’s prone to damages because it comes in contact with environmental agents even in extreme conditions. The first step to having a beautiful RV is by cleaning it on a regular basis. In addition, you’d want to get it polished on a regular basis to ensure that the exterior doesn’t look rusty. After all the cleaning, pack it under a shade to protect it from direct UV rays.