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How To Make A Picture Frame Out Of Wood To Personalize Your Home Decor

How To Make A Picture Frame Out Of Wood To Personalize Your Home Decor

One of the best ways of personalizing your home décor is to have a beautiful picture frame. It can undoubtedly add an aesthetic look to your indoor. Making your picture frame out of wood is so easy. With some basic woodworking tools and proper techniques, you can make a wooden picture frame and place it by using a staple gun in your room within just a weekend. This project is one of the first ones tried by the beginning woodworkers, and they love this fun project. You can also try this out, and we’re here to help you.

There are a series of works you need to complete for having a lovely picture frame. Here is a possible sequence of all those steps. It’s not like you need to follow them consecutively, you can complete one after another as per your convenience. 

Choose Framing Wood

You need to choose timber that not only suits the image that is to be framed, but also your working requirement and sense of design. You can either use molding or plain lumber. If you intend to have an elaborate frame, then wooden molding will be your best option. However, you can even choose an uneven wood and mold it using a block plane. Again, in case of a simpler interior design, plain lumber will fit. About the wood type, I would suggest hardwood. You can also look for other options, especially which one best suits other objects of your room. 

 How To Make A Picture Frame Out Of Wood To Personalize Your Home Decor

Measure Everything!

Yes, you need to measure the image, the mat, the frame dimensions, everything! Measure the image first using any scale or measuring tape. Mat is a plain paper, preferably cardboard going around the picture of a frame. The mat can make the picture frame even well-finished. You need to decide the width of this border. A one-third or a quarter of image width can be a good estimation for the mat’s width. The basic is to keep the mat’s inner edge equal or a bit smaller than the image. Finally, there comes the main frame measurement. You can follow a formula for this, Length or Width of Outer Edge = Dimension of the Mat + (2 X Clearance around the Mat) + (2 X Width of Frame Material)

Prepare the Mat

  • Cut Both Edges: After measuring the external edges of the mat, mark them accordingly. Then, you need to cut them. You can use a scissor or an exact-o knife to cut thinner mat made of paper or cardstock. But thicker ones like cardboard mats might need a mat cutter. Now, draw the outer line on the back of the mate as per the picture’s measurement. Then, cut the interior of the mat using similar tools mentioned above. Now your mat is in-shape to use.
  • Place the photo: Place the picture on the backside of the down-facing mat and hold it steadily. Tape the image to its vertical top two corners. Now, over a vertical tape, place another vertical tape. Further, place the image on the taps so that one of them holds the mat, and the other one the picture.  

 How To Make A Picture Frame Out Of Wood To Personalize Your Home Decor

Prep the Timber Frame

  • Cut the Frame: Using the initial frame formula, cut it properly. You have to cut two lengthwise and two width-wise pieces. Cut them properly to an equal piece of each side. Any difference in cutting may lead to an uneven fitting of the frame. Finally, use a miter saw to make a 45-degree angle cut at the ends points themselves toward each other to fit the pieces properly. 
  • Cut Frame Rabbet: Frame Rabbet will secure the image by ensuring the glass does not get fallen through the opening. It’s like a rectilinear shaped groove. You can make a 1/2” by 1/2” size rabbet by using a router along with a rabbeting bit or any other standard blade. Make sure that the rabbeted edges are opposite to the longer side.
  • Assemble Frame Parts: Use glue or clamps and angles to make the frame pieces stick together. Dry up the glued angles properly. After that, drive a nail gently into each four corners using a staple gun to make the frame even more secured. In case there left any gap, use wood filler to fill them. 
  • Color the Picture Frame: You can paint frame wood before inserting the image, mat, or frame glass. It’s an optional step, but you can go for it to customize the picture frame more artistically. Use any latex-based color that’s appropriate for a wooden frame and produce a shinier view. Long strokes can provide you an even performance.  

Hang Your Frame 

If you’ve already completed all the above steps, then you’re very close to finishing your project. After drying up all color and glue, take preparations to hang your frame. You can use a metal string placed at the back of the frame and then hang it by attaching on a nail on the wall. You can hang your frame on a hook as well.

Final Word

Congratulations! You’ve got your picture frame ready and nicely hanging on the wall. As I mentioned earlier, there are numerous other ways of making a picture frame out of wood. But I always try to follow the simplest one, just like the one I described so far. You won’t feel a bit of hassle while running this task. So, why not give it a try? Happy DIY