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How to Make a Smoothie using Vitamix Blender

How to Make a Smoothie using Vitamix Blender

If you are smoothie lover you must own a Vitamix blender and here I will tell you why. Smoothies are good meal choices in nutritional as well as taste regarding matter. But every good smoothie is dependent on its unique choice of ingredients and every ingredient require its own specific time and force to blend it perfectly. So Vitamix blender is the perfect option. 

A good blender is that which blends your ingredients according to your requirements. Sometimes smoothies are creamy and sometimes smoothies have to give peppery texture. That’s why Vitamix 5200 and 5300 blenders are perfect choice of blenders as they give smoothies perfect blend according to one’s taste and requirement. Alternatively, if you have a slightly smaller budget, you can find many heavy duty blenders for smoothies from other brands such as blendtec, ninja, nutribullet and breville that will achieve almost the same results as Vitamix.

Steps to make a smoothie using Vitamix blender

1. Choice of ingredients

Mainly smoothies contain these type of ingredients liquids (water, juice, milk, and yogurt) dry goods (grains, seasonings, and powders), fruits & veggies, leafy greens and ice & frozen ingredients. Liquid is always used as base ingredient such as water, coconut water, milk or fresh juice. We can also use some medicine or supplements in our smoothie but if it’s too high in contents and have a strong taste it will suppress your taste of main ingredients so only supplements having only mild taste should be used.

If your smoothie is less creamy you can also add up an avocado to it and it will enhance its creamy texture. Using frozen ingredients make your smoothies thicker and heavier. The Vitamix blender’s makes you feel at easy by giving you freehand on selecting any type of ingredients according to your choice and it will blend it according to your taste with its 3inch and 4inch blades of Vitamix 5200 and Vitamix 5300.

2. Proper loading of ingredients

Vitamix blenders comes with such good blades and spin power that u can blend a papaya at once but if ingredients are not loaded in container properly it can create air pockets during the spin which ultimately reduce the efficiency of blend. Always add liquid ingredients first it will prevent form air pockets to form and use heavy ingredients at top and these will pushes down the soft ingredients towards the blade. So always add liquids first then soft ingredients such as fruits veggies or leafy green and after it add ice & other frozen ingredients.

One more advantage of using Vitamix blender you might don’t know is that its lid can be used as a measuring mug as if you are using are making a cocktail recipe and have to add ingredients again and again you can use the lid easily. As lid plug of Vitamix blender is also named as mini measuring cup, with 1/2 ounce to 1ounce measures.

If you are using a 20oz personal container or 8oz blending bowl then order of loading must be reversed as you have to turn it upside down before blending. If you load ingredients in this order it will prevent your machine from stalling and struggling during the blend.

 How to Make a Smoothie using Vitamix Blender

3. Blending of your smoothie 

Once all the ingredients are loaded properly then it’s time to blend the smoothie on high speed from all at once. Turn on the button and turn the dial quickly to high speed because everything blend faster and smoother on high speed. Blending on high also let your motor stays cool because cooling fan is maximized. This trick will also assist you when you’re making thicker recipes such as nut butter.

When smoothie is blending use the temper to move ingredients again and again this will also prevents air pockets from forming around the blades. As long as lid plug is on the container temper cannot come in contacts with the blades so we can use the temper freely to move the ingredients into the blades. Just fill the container only two third to way the full if you are using the tamper. 

4. Time 

Time plays an important role in making a good smoothie as different kind of ingredients need specific time to blend it properly. Vitamix 5200 and 5300 come with a high-speed motor and sharp 3inch and 4inch blades which blend the things in no time and therefore it is used on a professional level.

If all the ingredients are soft and contain only some liquid base and soft veggies and some ice then backup your machine at high speed and blend for 10 to 15 seconds.

If ingredients contain thick items such as fleshy fruits, nuts butter, lot of ice or humus then set your machine to highest speed and process it for 20 to 30 seconds.

5. Get your smoothie out 

Usually liquid smoothies comes out of the container itself but thicker smoothies stick to the walls of container specially and spatula is needed to get the things down. The one more problem with thick smoothies is that it gets under the blades for this problem Vitamix blenders has a special accessory called as under blade scraper. It not only help to get the ingredients from under the blades but also act as squeegee to remove the residue from side wall. In this way with this special tool in these blenders it ensure that not any ingredient is wasted.

You have now got your smoothie to enjoy and a fairly cleaned container.

Here are some good features of Vitamix blenders which makes it professional level blender.

  • Its sharp 3 to 4 inches long blades which have ability to blend a whole fruit even fruits having seeds can be blend into smoothies very well.
  • Its high speed motor which blends the ingredients in no time as compared to other blenders available in market. 
  • Lid which is also named as mini measuring cup which eliminates the use of more utensils to pour ingredients in the container.
  • Under Blade Scraper which not only get things from under the blade but also cleans the container walls.