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How to Make Spaces Larger Using Mirrors?

Mirrored closet widens the perception of this hallway

Mirrors are the easiest fastest and most economic way to increase the apparent size of a room. Placing mirrors in the right way can add more light and visibly improve the spaciousness of an area. However, when you use mirrors, there are a few simple techniques to keep in mind.

Use the Largest Mirror Possible

While some people try to re-create the function of a large mirror with several or a few smaller mirrors, the best way to enlarge the look of a space is with one continuous mirror. You can do this in a few ways. One is by installing mirror panels to create a mirrored wall. Whether you want a ceiling-to-floor mirrored wall or a more conserved one, a mirrored wall doubles the appearance of the living area quickly and easily.

If you want to try another way of using large mirrors, try shopping for an oversize mirror. Architectural mirrors also can do the job. These types of mirrors can be mounted or leaned against a wall.

For a minimalistic way to use mirrors to enlarge a space, try placing mirror panels or frameless mirrors. Classic frameless mirrors are some of the most popular types of mirrors were decorating because they fit in seamlessly with any design, are timeless, and will always be fashionable.

Generally, in homes, you want to use frames that are small as possible. A large mirror makes a big statement in a space, and you don’t want to overwhelm with an overly ornate frame.

However, in certain circumstances or applications, you might wanna make a big statement with a big, ornate frame. However, with most interior decorating, an understated, wood, metal, or even plastic frame  is the best choice.

The reason why you want to avoid a more ornate frame is that it can overpower the space and actually make it look smaller. Of course, space is not an issue, and a more artistic frame could work, such as in a café or lobby.

Mirrors to Widen a Space

Using mirrors in a hallway is a technique that designers use when adding more area. Even using floor-to-ceiling mirrors can create a tunnel look. Oversize mirrors work just as well in hallways.

Hang Mirrors at the Right Height

Keep your audience in mind when you are hanging a mirror. This means that most times the best height for a mirror is approximately level or about 60 inches off the ground.

Use this rule of thumb also when hanging other artwork or decorations in the space. Keeping continuity of the placement of wall hangings allows for more flow and creates harmony. This also makes the room look roomier.

Be mindful of the other proportions of the room. When you are hanging a mirror, give the mirror at least 2 inches from the edge of the floor, ceiling, wall, or door. This helps the space look less crowded.

 A round mirror placed on the floor enlarges the spatial perception of this corridor

Use Mirror Lighting

Maximizing the light in a space lets you see better and also makes the size bigger. This is a simple tool to maximize visibility, add dimension, and also increase the amount of space that appears to be in a room. It also adds a sophisticated element that elevates the atmosphere. 

Look at the current placement of the mirror and see if you can add light in any way. Also, can you move the mirror to maximize the natural light body catches? Small improvements add up to great effects.

Hanging lights near mirrors is a great tool to make a space feel bigger. Additionally, you can add a touch of style by using table lamps or floor lamps placed near the mirror. You can sit a mirror with a lamp in front on a small table,  and also increase storage with drawers.

For dining rooms, try hanging a chandelier across from a mirror for a classy, space enhancing effect. 

In areas like the bathroom or even the kitchen, you can add romance with candlelight. Candleholders attached to mirrors create soft, flattering light that also increases visible space.

Increase the Size of an Outdoor Area

Using large mirrors works just as well on balconies or patios as it does in living rooms and other areas of the house. Keep in mind that the mirror will withstand the elements, so find one that is already a little bit rustic or one where you wouldn’t mind water damage

Choose Versatile Mirrors

Adding shelves to a space gives you more room and keeps it organized. See if you can find mirrors that also have shelves included. In rooms like the bedroom, you can easily make it multitask as a nightstand or vanity. Double the storage space with an ottoman underneath.

Multiply Windows

A classic technique to improve the look of windows in a room is by hanging mirrors directly across from windows. This gives the room the appearance that it has twice the number of windows and natural light. Try using a large, photo frame size mirror mounted on the wall.

Pair Art and Mirrors Together

Small artwork has the tendency to make the rest of the space look small if it’s by itself.  A solution to this is to add an artistic mirror next to the art, such as one with a sunburst design. You can create a more whimsical look by mixing and matching.

Similarly, a collection of mirrors can also be displayed together to reflect light in different ways and make the space look larger.

Mirrors in the Kitchen

In many homes, the kitchen is the smallest area. Help enlarge it by using mirrors. A mirrored backsplash with geometric tiles is a modern and trendy way to use mirrors that’s different than hanging them, while hanging them also works to widen the space. Adding mirror elements in unexpected places like on the cabinets also creates more light in space.

Bring more light and space in a room with some of these mirror tricks. From floor to ceiling walls to artistic lighting, there is plenty of inspiration to be found in mirror. For more mirrors styles visit Neutypechic.com.