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How to Make Your Bedroom Cozier: 6 Simple Design Tips

Bedroom is a room where you should feel relaxed. For example, just open the Playamo homepage or watch a meaningless cartoon on TV. And these design tips will always help you make your bedroom even cozier. 

Choose Colors

Light pastel colors are found in the design of bedrooms most often. They promote relaxation and tranquility, give lightness and comfort. These tones create an atmosphere of serenity. And it makes you feel cozy.

If you want to bring something unique into your life and apartment design, then try to choose an intense dark color for the bedroom. A spectacular combination of similar shades with an interesting structure will give the bedroom not only coziness, but also elegance.

Remember that the bedroom is a place for your rest, so choose the colors that you associate with comfort.

Dark blue, dark gray, brown, dark green, and even black walls can make your bedroom incredibly cozy. The resulting chamber effect both makes the space smaller and smooths out the boundaries, making it appear larger.


This material brings coziness with it to absolutely any room. You can choose different ways to use wood: walls, floors, pieces of furniture, accessories or logs by the fireplace. Each of them will help to transform your bedroom. Almost all interior styles welcome natural wood, many designers work with it, and wood is actively gaining popularity in the interior design world. If you want to combine comfort and fashion trends in your bedroom, you should choose natural wood.


Chandelier in the bedroom is necessary, but you cannot do without it when creating a really comfortable bedroom. The lighting in this room should be multileveled. You may use wall sconces and ceiling spotlights, floor lamps and bedside lamps, as well pay attention to the decorative lighting. For a romantic bedroom, you will definitely need candles.

To create an extra play of light, use mirrors. Large mirrors placed on both sides of the bed will help transform the room. And all the light fixtures and candles will look completely different. The play of reflections will give your bedroom a touch of mystery.

 How to Make Your Bedroom Cozier: 6 Simple Design Tips


The right selection of materials and textures will help your bedroom look not only cozy, but also interesting. Special attention should be paid to fur blankets, velvet cushions, knitted accessories and tufted mats. Such details will make your bedroom warmer, give it a homely atmosphere, and put you in a relaxed mood.


Bedroom is a place that helps us to achieve peace, tranquility, and silence. A large number of small details in this room will only distract you from the main goal. Do not overload the interior with accessories and furniture. The room is sure to be light. If you want to place vases and decorations, find a place for them in the living room. Also, do not forget to keep the bedroom clean and tidy because every morning you should be happy with what surrounds you.


If you want to quickly add coziness to the room, then place flowers in it. It can be a potted plant or a freshly cut bouquet. Flowers must necessarily be fresh. Violets, orchids, hydrangeas, peonies, chrysanthemums and roses will fit perfectly into the bedroom interior.

It is better not to place flowers with a strong aroma in the bedroom, unless you want to wake up with a headache.