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How to Prepare for Careers in Design 

How to Prepare for Careers in Design 

The work of a graphic designer surrounds us on a daily basis. Every shop you enter, the product you buy, an album you listen to, or website you visit requires a graphic designer to have created a visual work. This inescapability of graphic design is part of the reason why so many people want to pursue careers in graphic art, with the employment rate for designers continuing to grow with each year.

This fact makes the profession of designer very popular among students but also raises many questions related to the job. Students can search any question they may have about working in design or seek out essay on career examples to get an idea of how best to approach embarking on the path to a graphic design career. Checking out different samples of a paper or essay that handle career opportunities is one of the best ways to encounter examples of the approaches students can take towards landing their dream job.  

The work of a graphic artist is as broad and varied as the range of products and services that need visuals. For this reason, the work of a visual artist can be incredibly diverse in nature. Some graphic artists may specialise in a given area, such as commercial work or web design, whereas others prefer to work on a freelance basis and redefine their work project by project. 

These endless opportunities have a lot of creative students considering starting a career in graphic design and asking themselves how to go about this. 

Do your research 

One of the most important steps for any college students carving out a path towards successful and fulfilling employment is to perform thorough research on their career aspiration. Career research can take many forms, but it’s important to establish a solid base of understanding as to what the job of a graphic designer entails and how others managed to land a job in graphic design

The internet is a great place to start this research, with more and more high quality career resources becoming available all the time. Reading the experiences of those already working in the field of graphic design is another great way to learn if the job is right for you, and what the day to day life of a visual artist looks like. Using the internet to seek out the experience and guidance of established designers means students can feel certain that they know what to expect as they embark upon their chosen career path. 

Practical steps 

How to Prepare for Careers in Design 


Attending an art college and obtaining a design degree is the first step many hopeful students take towards establishing their career. Finding the right college for you depends on factors such as location, faculty resources, and the types of programs offered, and so students should always look carefully at what’s available to them and weigh up their multiple options. Whatever the specific degree a student decides to pursue maybe, the best design colleges will be sure to foster their graduates’ creativity and leave them with all the artistic and practical skills necessary to make it in the world of design. 

Land an internship 

Even after they have begun studying, many students asking themselves how to start a career in graphic design have trouble figuring out how to make the leap from student to professional. Landing an internship in a design studio is a great way to familiarise oneself with a real-life working environment, and at the same time, develop their own skills. Design studios are always looking for enthusiastic art students to lend their help! 

While studying, students can try out multiple internships in different design studios, meaning they can explore different career directions without making a long-term commitment. What’s more, doing a range of internships will come in handy later when the time comes to create a resume, and leaves students with a solid network of people already working in professional design!

Publish your work

Graphic design is all about visibility, and it’s important for art students to make sure their work is seen. Creating an online portfolio to showcase all the work you produce throughout your study, internships, and free time is a great way to demonstrate your talents and generate interest among potential employers.

Employers will often look for artists that show both growth and consistency in their work. Keeping a consistent portfolio helps students keep track of their own progress and growth as an artist and is a helpful tool when it comes to establishing an identity as an artist! 

Join an organisation

There are many organisations dedicated to fostering the work of up-and-coming graphic artists, both inside and outside of the university. Students should always make sure to check out if their college has any clubs or societies that focus on graphics and visual art, or if they are eligible for membership in a design institute. Becoming part of design societies is a great way to keep up-to-date with the field and build useful contacts. 

With determination, careful research, and taking simple, practical actions such as these, students can be sure that they are following a smooth, successful path to a career in professional graphic design.