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Vincent Leroy’s Illusion Lens Installation Fragments Tokyo’s Sky

Illusion Lens, Tokyo, Japan / Vincent Leroy

Vincent Leroy

At 238 meter hight atop Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, the new proposal of French artist Vincent Leroy creates a total extraordinary new vision of the City’s sky. Like a spaceship, the proposed installation, dubbed Illusion Lens, is perfectly positioned in the center of the Rooftop helipad of the Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. “Far from the noise and activity of the Japanese megapole it is an incredible place for contemplation. It’s the best place to be close the clouds of Tokyo,” explains Leroy.



With a clever geodesic assembly of Fresnel lens, Vincent Leroy creates a fragmented vision of Tokyo’s sky. The installation acts as a multi-faceted light sensor. Two visions are thus superimposed and squared. The lenses are as a sampler of the sky. The installation sparkles with a thousand reflections. This new Vincent Leroy experience proposal creates a skillful assembly between an effect and an environment.

 Illusion Lens, Tokyo, Japan / Vincent Leroy

An installation produces dreams and contemplation. Everything seems to plunge us into a oneiric universe. Blurry becomes an enigmatic and intriguing game. The vision seems to become unreal. Like a loop, trepetition becomes multiple and infinite. Once again it is a subtle mix of low technology and poetry that detaches us from the real world with Vincent Leroy’s work.

 Illusion Lens, Tokyo, Japan / Vincent Leroy Illusion Lens, Tokyo, Japan / Vincent Leroy Illusion Lens, Tokyo, Japan / Vincent Leroy Illusion Lens, Tokyo, Japan / Vincent Leroy