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Incorporating Patterns Into Your Home

Curtains suitable for a bedroom

Adding patterned fabrics into your home interiors can be an excellent way to create an interesting space, which captures your own unique style. However, incorporating the latest trends in patterns into your interior design can be intimidating, especially if you are unsure how to layer patterns within your existing window dressings and soft furnishings. This article takes a closer look at the latest trends in patterned fabrics and various top tips for using patterns within your home.

Whether you are looking for a pair of new tailored curtains or simple accessories to reinvigorate your interior design, choosing the latest fabric patterns is a great way to refresh your home interiors. Patterns are a great way to embrace colour and add personality to a room, and with interior designers incorporating many exciting patterns within their designs, the popularity of these patterned fabrics is soaring.

Checked patterns

Simple checks are a great way to add a decorative touch to cushions and home accessories, especially when combined with more complex patterns. From small gingham prints to larger buffalo checks, there are many stunning colours available that will create an on-trend feel.

Florals and botanical prints

Floral patterns and botanical prints are expected to rise in popularity this year, and there are many beautiful fabrics available for everything from your curtains and blinds through to cushions and rugs. The intricacy and detail within these fabrics will add a stunning focal point to the room, and many of the designs available have a timeless quality to them.

Geometric designs

From hexagons and simple chevrons to art déco designs, geometric patterns are very popular within interior design. The most on-trend styles this year are those which embrace retro styling, with many designers incorporating these fabrics on a larger scale, such as across suites of furniture and large window dressings.

Pastel patterns

The pastel colours seen on the runways of clothing designers are making their way into home interiors, and there are an array of pastel patterns available across fabrics. From calm and cool blues through to timeless greens and delicate pinks, contrasting pastels that create a fun feel are proving to be very popular.

 Curtains in the living area

Tips for using patterned fabrics within your interior design

Use different pattern sizes

When choosing patterned fabrics, it is important to incorporate a mixture of pattern sizes. For example, if you are using a striped, chevron or herringbone pattern this may be overwhelming if used in many areas within a room, however, it can be balanced by adding a contrasting pattern size within a rug, throw or window dressing.

Consider the colour scheme

If you have found a pattern you love, it is important to base the colour scheme within the rest of the room on the colours within the pattern. This will create a balanced and calming feel, with the pattern used as the bold accent. If you want the patterned fabrics to stand out, it is recommended to use plain lighter or darker tones as this will draw the eye to the patterns within your soft furnishings.

Stick to a few fabric patterns

Ideally, you should choose no more than 4 fabric patterns to use in a single room, as too many patterns will distract from the overall feel and create a chaotic impression. Instead, choose a handful of fabrics with both simple and more complex patterns and use these within curtains, blinds, cushions, throws and other home accessories.

Be cautious with prints

There are many printed fabrics that can be a stunning addition to home interiors, however, avoid mixing too many contrasting prints together. For example, polka dots or animal prints are unlikely to work well with a checked or geometric design, unless you are looking for a very bold and contrasting interior design style then there are many tips for mixing patterns in your home interior design. Instead, choose a print that you love and then stick to plain fabric choices within the rest of the room.

Consider your existing furnishings

Unless you are completely redecorating the room, you will need to consider the existing patterns and colours within your furnishings. For example, if you have a very prominent pattern on your sofa but are looking for new curtains, you will need to choose a pattern that adds visual interest when layered in the room.

A great tip is to choose fabrics that follow a similar theme, so a geometric pattern on a sofa could work well with another modern pattern within the window dressings. Alternatively, if you want the sofa to be the main focus of the room, choose a complementary colour and a simpler pattern.