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Innovative Ways to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh All Year Round

Innovative Ways to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh All Year Round

Your home is your nest for cozying down in. However, even if you keep things impeccably clean and tidy, you may have noticed odd odors are still able to build somehow – particularly during the winter and summertime. When you’ve got guests coming over, this can be embarrassing, as it indicates that your home isn’t as hygienic as you might think it is. But worry no more, because we’ve created this list of innovative ways to keep your home smelling fresh all year round. 

Clean Carpets and Upholstery

Not only do spillages create an ugly stain, but they can also create bacteria cultures if they manage to seep into the fabric. These cultures are what cause off-putting aromas to permeate throughout a household. If you want to keep your home fresh and hygienic, it’s important to regularly clean soft and absorbent surfaces, such as carpets, bed linen and upholstery. You can do so by hiring a carpet cleaner or purchasing a vacuum carpet cleaner. It’s also worth throwing cushion covers into the wash, ideally with some scented fabric conditioner for extra fragrance. For upholstery that can’t be removed, you can scrub with an enzymatic cleaner or use the age-old baking powder trick where you scrub an item with baking powder, a pantry staple, to get rid of stains.

Air Filters

Perhaps the best way to keep your home smelling fresh is by keeping the air clean. One of the best ways to do this is to change the air filters regularly, to ensure that the air filter isn’t spreading dirt and grime around your home. If your air filter is old and clogged with dirt, then it won’t stop particles from entering your home’s atmosphere, and this can lead to nasty smells.  Make sure you always have spare air filters to hand, so that whenever you notice that your AC isn’t working efficiently, or you see dirt in your air filter, you can quickly change it. If you’re looking for a supplier of quality air filters for a variety of units, then you can find information here about FilterBuy. The company offers a wide range of types and sizes of filter, and you can set up a reoccurring order if you want to, so that you never forget to order your air filters and always have them ready. 

 Innovative Ways to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh All Year Round


Though it’s important to directly treat what’s causing an odor in your household, what can really make a home smell great are fragrances. That’s why people will often introduce things like Devon Wick scented candles, potpourri and oil diffusers into their home. These are like perfume for your home – their scents become infused with the different furnishings. Of course, it’s important not to overdo these fragrances. An overpowering air freshener will make a room smell musky rather than fresh. When you breathe in, you could end up coughing on the chemicals. Therefore, you should place scented candles or diffusers sparsely across the household. Choose ones with natural scents which are more of a subtle accent than a pungent cologne. You’ll soon find your home smells better than ever before.

Indoor Plants

If you want to spruce up your interior decoration and improve the air quality of your home, then purchasing indoor plants is the way to go. It’s a well-documented fact that houseplants can reduce pollution and promote good air quality. They also fill the room with life and buoyancy. Different houseplants have different attributes, so it’s worth researching these before buying them for your home. The lady palm plant, for example, absorbs indoor toxins that have been linked to causing cancer. Meanwhile, the dracaena plant can remove cigarette smoke from your home. Houseplants are a natural solution to chemical odors, so they’re perfect for eco-friendly persons.

 Innovative Ways to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh All Year Round


Dehumidifiers are slightly different to air filters. Filters will remove airborne particles and pollutants, whereas dehumidifiers remove the moisture and reduce the humidity in the air. Moisture is what allows mould and mildew to grow, in turn leading to mustiness. Not only does this mean your household smells less fresh, but also that you’re more prone to lung-related problems, like an ongoing cough or aspergillus. In addition to this, if you must dry your clothes indoors, they might smell musty. A dehumidifier is essential to keeping your home safe and scentless.

Nose Blindness

We can become ‘nose blind’ to different scents in our household, so you need to keep an eye on these things to ensure your home is still smelling fresh. Here’s a list of what you need to be regularly cleaning: pet litter trays, garbage bins, microwaves, fridges, ovens, toilets and showers or bathtubs.

We can guarantee your home will smell better than ever before by following these guidelines. It’s not about using superficial solutions like an air freshener, but instead treating the direct source of odors and improving the air quality of your household.