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Invisible Backpack – the everyday urban backpack


The Invisible Backpack by px is a low-key technical backpack (made form durable 1000D military grade nylon) designed for busy modern professionals that are constantly out there getting things done and need something they can trust to keep their daily carry safe and always within hand’s reach. It’s hard to find a backpack that doesn’t have any useless compartments or follow fashion trends that’ll go out of date after a couple of months. It’s impossible to find a backpack that’s here to help us do only what we need to do and nothing more.

“We call this backpack invisible not because nobody will see you wearing it. We call it that way because instead of focusing on the outside, we wanted the backpack to focus on the inside – on what truly makes a thing we will use everyday beautiful” explain designers.

The Invisible backpack in available for $203 USD at pxurbanwear.com


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all images and video courtesy of PX