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Is Farmhouse Design Over? The Rise and Fall of a Splashy Trend

Farmhouse-inspired kitchen

There are multiple design trends for homeowners to choose from. They each have their own color scheme and materials. The most popular styles are constantly changing. Farmhouse decor can make a space feel cozy. But is it losing its appeal?

What Is Farmhouse-Style Design?

It is a style that focuses on practicality and rustic charm. The style reflects rural architecture with modern elements. The color scheme involves lots of neutral colors and textures. Also, the decor incorporates natural materials and vintage accessories. The furniture is usually functional with a weathered, worn-down look.

Farmhouse style also embraces minimalism with an emphasis on less clutter. Larger, cozier furniture is the focal point. Some types even mix and match pieces. To add some modernism, mix rustic wood with weathered metals.

The farmhouse style has become popular due to HGTV shows. One of this style’s main benefits is its warm and comforting vibe. It’s nice to come home to a relaxing space after a long work day. Plus, after going through a global pandemic, people look for a more cozy style.

A farmhouse design also easily combines with others, such as traditional decor. Another reason is that the design gives off a family-friendly vibe. The cozy and practical furniture is perfect for larger families. In addition, the decor used, such as metal and wood, gives the room character.

Besides a stylish look, this style is good for the environment. It uses natural materials that reduce carbon emissions. Reclaimed wood is an excellent material to use that is eco-friendly and stable.

Another way to help the planet is to recycle or upcycle older furniture pieces. For example, does the homeowner have a  couch passed down by their grandmother? This could create a stunning focal point for the living room.

 Farmhouse-inspired dining area

How to Add This Style to a Home

Farmhouse-inspired design is a good choice for those looking for a rustic and warm atmosphere. Here are a few ways to incorporate the style.

1. Landscape Paintings

These can bring in a sense of nature to create a calming atmosphere. Also, they complement the natural elements of the farmhouse design. In addition, they often have cooler tones, like blues, that work well with a neutral color palette. Look for antique paintings to make the space stand out even more.

2. Mix Plaid Patterns

Mixing textures is a staple of the farmhouse style. So, mix plaid and checkered prints of different sizes to create stunning contrasts. It also provides a unique look. Designers can incorporate these in throw pillows or blankets. The plaids also work well as bed sheet material.

3. Botanical Decor

Botanical paintings, such as images of flowers, can make the space more welcoming. It matches perfectly with the rustic farmhouse design. Pictures and live plants are excellent touches for kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. Stylists can also get vintage furniture with floral prints.

4. Pale Woods

Barnboard and distressed woods were a common trend. However, light stripped wood with a subtle whitewash is coming into vogue. It offers a rustic yet chic vibe. The material works well for tables or chairs. Designers could also create a wooden accent wall.

5. Pottery

Pottery is a fun way to add a cozy feeling. Plus, it matches the barn-style feel. Use the pots to add plants to the living room or bedroom. Homeowners can also decorate them with darker colors or patterns to help them stand out more.

 Modern farmhouse as seen from the outside

Is Farmhouse Style Losing Momentum?

Over time, the farmhouse style may be losing some of its appeal. Rustic signs, barn doors, shiplap, and mixing decor styles are all becoming less popular trends in general.

Today, modern artwork tends to be the style rather than worn-down signs. The once-popular typography signs, with folksy sayings like, “Live, Laugh, Love,” are growing out of style. Also, barn doors are less practical than other types. For example, they don’t lock, they don’t offer complete privacy, and they can be noisier to open and close.

Plus, odors can easily escape through the sides. Using shiplap on a modern home can also date it and create a disconnect with the house’s structure. Plus, combining it with other elements can sometimes be too much.

Farmhouse style is also losing its charm because bold colors, such as navy blue, are coming back into favor. Farmhouse trends focus on a more neutral color scheme.

Another growing design trend is accent walls. Barn wood and shiplap can be complex styles to pull off. Plus, the shiplap has grooves that can easily attract dust. Finding the right pieces can be time-consuming, especially when looking for vintage ones.

Is the Farmhouse Style In or Out?

The answer to this is not that simple. The farmhouse style has many appealing features, such as its cozy and family-friendly vibe. However, some pieces may be on their way to becoming outdated-looking. Ultimately, it all comes down to the client’s personal preferences and budget.

Author: Evelyn Long is the editor-in-chief of Renovated. Her work focuses on interior and architectural design and has been published by Build Magazine, the National Association of REALTORS and other online publications.