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Jimmy Choo boutique Cannes

Christian Lahoude Studio

This intimate, Christian Lahoude Studio designed Jimmy Choo boutique is located in Cannes, France, known for the Cannes Film Festival and other superstar, celebrity-driven red carpet events throughout the year on the Boulevard de la Croisette. The store features a stunning curved façade that draws in traffic via open shelving fixtures which make the space visible and welcoming from the outside. The openness is replicated in the inner circle of the store with similar shelving.

The ground floor is surrounded by mirrors that connect the staircase and lower level columns, enlarging the space and creating reflections. The lower level is divided by a central open fixture that connects the two rooms, creating visibility, and fills the intimacy of the room without making it a confined, enclosed space.

 jimmy-choo-boutique-cannes-bychristian-lahoude-studio-2 jimmy-choo-boutique-cannes-bychristian-lahoude-studio-3 jimmy-choo-boutique-cannes-bychristian-lahoude-studio-4 jimmy-choo-boutique-cannes-bychristian-lahoude-studio-5 jimmy-choo-boutique-cannes-bychristian-lahoude-studio-6 jimmy-choo-boutique-cannes-bychristian-lahoude-studio-7 jimmy-choo-boutique-cannes-bychristian-lahoude-studio-8 jimmy-choo-boutique-cannes-bychristian-lahoude-studio-9

all images courtesy of Christian Lahoude Studio