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John Margaritis ‘High Tide’ at New York Sunshine for Art Basel Miami 2015

New York Sunshine

With the aim to blur the line between fashion and art, multidisciplinary artist John Margaritis presents his new exhibition, ‘High Tide’, at New York Sunshine, of which he is also the owner and creative director of, for Art Basel 2015 in Wynwood, Miami.

130 feet of wavy wooden shelving displays an edition of 300 hand-dyed indigo t-shirts, each becoming deeper indigo blue as you immerse yourself into the space. Each shirt is numbered as an edition of art and sold as such.


“This project has allowed me to take myself back to the beginning. I started out doing everything by hand, and, as the brand grew, I wasn’t able to do that anymore. When I first began conceiving of High Tide, the one thing I was most excited about was getting very hands on again. Each shirt was individually hand-dyed and the shelves hand- made in a studio in New York,” said Margaritis.


‘High Tide’ is based on a photograph from Margaritis’ 2014 ‘Hoop Dreams’ series. The entire 700 square foot space is transformed in this installation, with a lifeguard stand over the entrance, shirts transitioning from white to deep indigo blue hung on shelves running sixty feet down both walls, and a floor covered in sand with a boardwalk down the center. The installation gives viewers an opportunity to feel as Margaritis does at the shoreline, entering the ocean, and moving deeper in. 

‘High Tide’ is located at 187 NW 27th Street, on the corner of NW 2nd Avenue, in the Wynwood Arts District of Miami. The installation will be open through January.

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all images courtesy of New York Sunshine