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Jury Cafe by Biasol: Design Studio, Melbourne


Jury Cafe is located within the bluestone walls of a Melbourne historical site: Pentridge Village – formerly Pentridge Prison, which was decommissioned in 1997. As an interior projeJury Cafe by Biasol: Design Studio, Melbournect, the location presented several unique challenges to Biasol: Design Studio: “we wanted to respect its dark past as a prison, and we also wanted to breathe new life into the cafe for its patrons to enjoy.”


The theme of irreverence led the architects to play to play with ideas – ideas that created a contrast between dark bluestone walls and a palette of bright colours and blond timbers. Along with these approaches, a mix of raw materials, plyboard, structural wood, and concrete were used in order to form a geometric pattern of multiple hues within the accent wall. This structure created a playful effect, one that brought the site to life and allowed it to move on from its dark past, as well as embrace a sense of fun for the future.


“We softened the space further by adding greenery from Pop Plant; we also designed bespoke tables and stools that are, again, all made from natural materials” explain architects. The result is a cafe that even Chopper Read would have frequented during his time in ‘H’ division.

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