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Kalikon 3D-Printed Jewel Collection by Giulio Iacchetti for Maison 203

Maison 203

Inspired by the quick wit of the most ordinary and day-to-day objects, Giulio Iacchetti designed his first line of jewels for Italian 3D-printed accessories brand Maison 203.

The project is based on a simple yet unexpected mechanism that reveals hidden in­telligence which, through 3D-print, shapes aesthetics and function, geometry and movement, fashion and mechanics.


In fact, Kalikon intrinsically carries out the production process that is typical of 3D print, i.e. it synchronously generates all the elements of the object without the need for final assembly: from here the idea of a chain of elements – made of hollow rings – that are created already linked by spherical joints, to generate an extremely flexible structure whose sole fixed point lies in the mechanics of the jewel.


The thin slit on the external circumference of each ring becomes in fact the track on which the joint that con­nects the various elements slides: a real mobile pivot that allows each element to turn, run up and overturn while all the other links are always connected to one another. The functional and mechanical features thus turn into a supple ornament that adapts to the shapes of the body.


The collection, made of sintered nylon, comprises two necklaces, a long necklace, two earrigs and a ring, and is available in powder pink, powder blue, sage green, jungle green, night blue and black. Each necklace has a hook to regulate the length: it fastens to the holes of two adjacent rings and, in the case of the nec­klace it becomes an additional mobile element, capable of changing the shape based on the point where it is hooked. Presented for the first time at Maison et Object Paris, Kalikon will be soon available for purchase at maison203.com.

 kalikon-3d-printed-jewel-collection-by-giulio-iacchetti-for-maison-203-6 kalikon-3d-printed-jewel-collection-by-giulio-iacchetti-for-maison-203-5 kalikon-3d-printed-jewel-collection-by-giulio-iacchetti-for-maison-203-7 kalikon-3d-printed-jewel-collection-by-giulio-iacchetti-for-maison-203-8

all images courtesy of Maison 203