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Kameha Grand Zürich Hotel’s Space Suite

Kameha Grand Zurich Hotel

Designed by German artist Michael Najjar, the “Space Suite” at the Kameha Grand Zürich  Hotel provides an out-of-world experience. Guests will be exhilarated by features such as Universe motifs, a zero gravity bed and steam bath with artistic views across space.

Upon entering the Space Suite, an automated female voice inspired by John Carpenter’s science fiction film ‘Dark Star’ welcomes the crew member in 8 different variations, confirms their login and offers handling instructions for the Suite. Guests are then fully immersed in space with a Universe motif printed on the carpet featuring high-res images from the Hubble Space Telescope which have been stitched together to create a new, fictive Universe. Bringing in Najjar’s abstract flair, the image is then inverted – space is white, stars are black. Other quirky features include spot lights inspired by rocket engines and a space glove where crew members can place their phones or key cards.


The bedroom or ‘sleeping module’ is covered by a semi-transparent foil which blocks visibility to the outside but allows light to enter, reflecting text from the famous HAL 9000 computer in the iconic film “2001: A Space Odyssey”. The bed is designed in a way to look like it is floating, while the mattress is shaped as a black rectangle to reflect the monolith from Kubrick’s movie.

Najjar’s personal touch is also reflected in three original artworks from his most recent project ‘outer space’. Moreover, four small square pictures are installed in the dressing room to show the famous Lunar Rover and Astronauts from Apollo 15, 16 and 17 on the moon’s surface.

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all images courtesy of Kameha Grand Zurich Hotel