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Key Features That Increase The Value Of Your House

Modern linear kitchen with green cabinets and copper details

When you’re thinking about selling a home in the near future or far off in the distance, you eventually arrive at questions surrounding the value of your house and how you can improve the value. If you do a little research, you’ll quickly discover that things you love might not improve the value of your home. Just because you’re putting money into tweaks, renovations, and repairs doesn’t mean you’re going to get that money back later on. Something like a swimming pool might seem fantastic to you but will actually deter future buyers from bidding high since all they see is something that needs to be maintained. The following will explore a few of the things you can do to increase the value of your property.


The roof is a critical part of a home as it’s what keeps water and other elements from destroying your possessions. All rooves have life expectancies, and so a new roof says to potential buyers that they’re not going to have to think about the roof for quite a while. Top quality roofing projects can involve patching small problematic areas or completely redoing the roof. When making your selection of roofing material, you need to consider the climate and what sort of elements the roof needs to resist.

The above list should have given you an idea of how you can boost up the value of your home with alterations. It’s important to note that some properties have a limit as to how much their value can increase. Things like location can put a cap on how much someone would be willing to spend on a home, no matter how nice it is. For this reason, it’s a good idea to speak to a real estate professional about your area specifically before making any large investments.

Kitchen And Bathroom Upgrades

Kitchens and bathrooms are a big part of what sells a house, and consistent improvements in these rooms have some of the highest returns on investment when it comes to home value. This is because both the kitchen and the bathroom are high-traffic, high-use areas, so people tend to think a lot about it when they’re shopping for a home. Newer (and matching) appliances can help, as can replacing outdated cabinets or fresh flooring. Of course, as with any repairs you do while thinking about home value, you don’t want to get too stylish here. You want things to be classic and suitable for all tastes and preferences so steer away from anything that is too bold. Lean towards neutral colors and natural textures and avoid anything hyper unusual.

 Modern minimal bathroom with marble and sink cabinet

Curb Appeal

When anyone comes to buy a home, the first thing they see is how the home looks outside. This is what people mean when they talk about curb appeal. This initial impression will create a feeling within them about the property. If the feeling is good, they’re more willing to overlook the negatives discovered inside. If the feeling is bad, they’re less likely to be impressed with the interior, even if it’s awesome. The roof which was mentioned above is part of this, but landscaping work that adds lush, healthy plants and trees as well as trimmed and tidy grass can make a big difference.

When choosing the types of plants and trees, you want to lean towards perennial foliage (which will come back to life each spring instead of needing to be replanted every year) and native trees (which require much less maintenance to care for since they’re acclimatized to the terrain they’re planted in). One especially wonderful benefit of trees is that they can reduce the cost of energy in the home by providing shade which is a major appeal for buyers.

Proper Maintenance

Of course, one of the things that can make a big difference in a home’s value is how well-maintained everything is. If you put a ton of money into pristine, new elements but don’t keep them pristine, you’re missing out on some value gained. Keep up with your yearly and seasonal maintenance responsibilities, as these will help ensure elements don’t lose value too quickly. If you don’t feel confident doing something, it’s best to reach out to a professional who will be able to take care of that task for you. You don’t want to risk doing damage to your home by attempting to do things you’re not qualified to do.

The above list should give you an idea of how to approach home alterations with home value in mind. Again, you never want to choose elements with too much personality. Ideally, you want your selections to suit a wide variety of people.